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February 20, 2023

Colleen Doran and it's hard work working in comic books - her Twitter account

Colleen Doran - its hard drawing comic books

New Shazam Fury of the Gourds preview promo

Where did Superhero comic books come from? Haven't they always existed?

Did you know that superheros originally started out in comic books?

Superhero movies are very popular nowadays, but superheroes didn’t debut in movies. They actually got their start in the pages of the earliest comic books.

Ever wondered which is the oldest comic book in the world? The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck, published in Europe in 1837, is supposed to be the first comic book.

Article at The News

You can read The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck at Yale University Library

Still Only 25¢: Recollecting 1970s Marvel Comic Books at Radical Scholarship

Notable announcements from ComicsPRO 2023Comicsbeat

Baby Bruce Wayne raised by Joker

Kodansha’s formerly Japanese-exclusive trio of manga using DC Comics characters are getting their first official English-language releases this year—excellent news for anyone who’s ever wanted to watch the Joker raise a baby Bruce Wayne.

Article at Yahoo News

Batman Clooney

Rumour: Clooney is a Batman inside the Flash movieBoundingintocomics

Black Panther has got a new suit, now he carries a spear, among other tweaksBleeding Cool

The new DC Comics for the week of Feb 28 MSN CBR

Cocaine Bear knocks Quantumania off the number one spot in Boxoffice

The ticket price dilemma of judging Quantumania: I'm listening to Friday Night Tights and I hear a panelist say that 8.8 million people saw Ant-Man 1, but Quantumania has 7 million ticket buyers, but because ticket prices have risen to something like $13.00 per seat, Quantumania has a bigger actual box office despite the smaller audience.

Warner Bros. / Discovery losing billions

"Damn, Warner Bros. Discovery lost a lot of money last year"AV Club via

"Warner Bros. Discovery continues to lose money despite success of ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Hogwarts Legacy’"Techcrunch

Adapting and surviving as a comic book retailerComicsbeat

The first ComicsPRO retailer meeting since the pandemic is taking place this week.

Manga growth finally slowing down

Manga buying in Japan hit a record $5 billion USD in sales in 2022. The article at Mainichi says that the pandemic helped fuel a buying surge, and now that appears to be cooling off.

This little note in the article mentions how a digital version outdid the print:

Popular manga series such as "Spy x Family," a comedy about a spy, assassin and a mind-reader pretending to be a family, were more popular online than in the non-digital format.

The Flash Movie question

Okay, this seems funny. Youtube channel reacts to the Flash Trailer

"Would you watch this movie without the Batmen? And then another question: would you watch a movie with just Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton? Without Ezra Miller and SuperBoy/Girl? I know the answer: the Michael Keaton - Ben Affleck Batman movie would make a billion dollars. It would break ...records. It would play for a year in theatres." - Nerdrotic Daily Youtube

"Probably the comics industry’s most important business meeting of the year"Comicsbeat "ComicsPRO is “spring training” for comics after the winter con semi-hiatus..."

But gone are the quarantine reading habits – and perhaps sales – of the pandemic era. And that’s what every one needs to figure out. Basically we all sat at home for three years and comics and reading had a boom time, but now everyone is out having fun again, and reading is down.

CGI woes: Ant-Man Quantumania vs Wakanda Forever

Article at The Direct talks about the CGI effort on Ant-Man 3 getting short-changed because Wakanda Forever drew off resources.

More of this at Vulture: "The $200 million Paul Rudd–Evangeline Lilly two-hander ... emerging from a hive of some of the most negative buzz ever generated by a Marvel Studios property. Quantumania now stands as one of just two titles in the 31-movie MCU canon to rank “rotten” on the Tomatometer (the other is 2021’s Eternals)..."

Listening to retailers talk, they're moving away from Variant Covers. "Concentrating on the A Covers" and "variants will be by special order."

The curse of the "Special Thanks" in superhero comic book moviesTheConversation

It feels like, at the end of a superhero movie, scrolling up somewhere between janitorial staff and a line about the guy who brought donuts to the movie set is that list of names of who wrote and drew comics books for decades, and from whose work the screenwriters have lifted plot, story and dialogue. One day I expect to find those "Work for Hire" contracts to implode as a legal basis for walling out the creative talent of the past (and their heirs) from the billions of dollars in earnings made off of their work.

Comic Books am boomingMarketwatch

The Marketwatch site puts these out regularly heralding the massive growth of comic books, which is puzzling as the big American comics companies shrink, go bankrupt,go late on payments to creators and cut books. Marketwatch news items, which get picked up as news reports by news aggregators, is actually a funnel page to buy access to the market report (which is on a link) which projects audience sales through 2028.

Graphic novel publisher Oni-Lion Forge has new Editor-in-ChiefPublishers Weekly

New Marvel comics for this week - Feb. 22, 2023CBR MSN

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