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February 2, 2022


"Uma Thurman Reflects on Batman & Robin 25 Years Later"

Story at People via Fark

Uma Thurman is looking back at her time making Batman & Robin with fond memories.

The 1997 superhero film turns 25 this year, and was universally panned at the time of its release. Still, Thurman, 51, recalls having a great time on set.
"I was just talking about Joel Schumacher, the director who is a friend I love so much," Thurman, who played villain Poison Ivy in the film, recently told Entertainment Tonight of the late Schumacher who died at 80 in 2020 after a year-long cancer battle.

The Scorsese Memo was sent far and wide:

Director Roland Emmerich says superhero movies are ruining moviedomDeadline Hollywood

Moonfall director Roland Emmerich thinks Superhero and Star Wars films are ruining the industry. He is among the many actors and directors that have lambasted the state of the movie business because these types of movies exist.

He sat down with Den of Geek and while talking about his newest disaster film, he mentions, “Because naturally, Marvel and DC Comics and Star Wars have pretty much taken over,” he said. “It’s ruining our industry a little bit, because nobody does anything original anymore.”

John Carter comic book is getting a new series MSN – starts in April from Dynamite

Neoliothic -looking Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc in Jurassic League #1 from DC Comics on May 10, 2022.

Obi Wan Kenobi Star Wars comic comingcomicbookmovie

Maus sales up in comic shopsDentonrc

DC is ramping up Milestone Comics and releases 1320 page Compendiumcomicbook

Milestone Initiative web site

And the book Milestone Compendium One, DC Comics Feb 1, 2022, 1320 pages – Amazon

The Marvel Comics and Image Comics splitGames Radar MSN

Interview with Tom DeFalco

Around the time of the Image guys, a couple of things happened. The first one was that Marvel was in the midst of a winning streak. We were getting a lot of publicity, and sales on a lot of our comics were moving forward and upward. And Marvel was actually paying creative incentives and royalties on the comics. So creators were actually making a decent living. More than a decent living.

I think around the time Marvel went public, the whole universe became aware of comics, and sales took another big leap. And suddenly, the Direct Market was on fire and sales were going up and everything was going terrific. And people started making real, serious money. On the publishing end, to our own surprise, we started launching titles that were selling 500,000 copies, a million copies, three million copies — especially X-Men #1 and the Spider-Man title that Todd McFarlane did.

Donald Faison playing Booster Gold?CBR

The slow conversion over to digital comicsCursus

Asia has whole-heartedly jumped on digital comics but France is resisting, and America is following Asia.

Let's talk about Asia and especially South Korea. While manga is the proud fruit of Japan, Korea can boast of being the motherland of the "webtoon", comics expressly designed for digital. They first appeared around 2000 and the first official sites, including Naver Webtoon, went online around 2004. The latter has 72 million users in the world 17 years later and has a turnover of 500 million dollars. From Thailand to the United States, everyone is clamoring for the various adventures, dramas and more. Much of its success is based on its top-down reading mode, so it's perfect for viewing on phones on the way to school or work.

Comic shop owner in Tennessee shipping Maus free to anyone asking for it in the "banned" school district

Story at Washington Post

Ways to read Shonen Jump series online for free, legallycomicbook

Is Avatar's record going to fall to Spider-Man No Way Homie?Variety

Release date for The Batman decidedcomicbook


"I Hated ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ But the Academy Should Absolutely Nominate It for Best Picture" Variety

I hated the film for two reasons. The way the multiverse concept plays out is, in my opinion, a half-baked and unsatisfying mess. "No Way Home" has none of the head-spinning flair and three-dimensional-chess logic that was so hypnotic in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," the bedazzling 2018 animated landmark that is one of the all-time highlights of the superhero genre...

As a storytelling premise, this one makes close to no sense. It’s as if the new “Batman” film had found a way for Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck to all show up as Bruce Wayne. (I can hear some of you going, "Awesome!") But as a marketing hook it’s off the hook. "No Way Home" is basically a sideshow attraction ("Step right up! See all the Spider-Men in one movie!") staged as a bloated Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Mutants are now Deviants at MarvelBleedingCool

Maus sales shoot up after Tennessee controversy hits newsDigital Journal

Just days after the banning of "Maus" by a Tennessee school district made national news, two editions of Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust have reached the top 20 on and are in limited supply.

"Maus" was No. 12 on Amazon as of early Friday evening, and was not available for delivery until mid-February. "The Complete Maus," which includes a second volume, was No. 9 and out of stock, according to ABC News.

"Spider-Man is the most popular superhero in the world now" - London Free Press

I’m confident when I say the most popular superhero on the planet right now is everyone’s favourite web-slinging do-gooder.

That’s because this week, the latest Spider-Man movie became the sixth-highest-grossing movie of all time with $1.7 billion in global ticket sales. And No Way Home managed that feat during a global pandemic!

"The numbers at DC are terrifying"

"There's been a lot of speculation about the health of DC, but nothing says 'you're screwed" like this... the top fifty DC titles, 48 of them are Batman books. It is "The Batman Company," just forget the rest. You're now at the place if DC didn't publish anything but Batman, their financial picture would not look much different... no part of that is good news."

The picture forming is one that has been criticized for ...maybe a decade, that only Batman can move month-to-month copies for DC, and all the new directions DC explores to replace the old fanbase with a new one hasn't worked.

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