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Walter Hamada

Head of the film world of the DCU

Walter Hamada

Where is DC headed next with their film slate?

A profile of DC Films president Walter Hamada published by The New York Times confirms the studio’s plan for splitting its slate among theatrical projects and HBO Max projects."

Story at MSN News

The original article that spawned the MSN article is at the New York Times

Managing Movie Superheroes Is About to Get a Lot More Complicated – Walter Hamada, who runs DC Films, is overseeing a dizzying number of projects, part of a swarm of comics-based stories coming from Hollywood."

Some of the things planned for the DCU

  1. Walter Hamada is "breaking open" the way the company makes films so that concepts and story lines aren't so segmented into separate creator teams and thus producing films that don't mesh with each other
  2. Warners wants to get their schedule cracking out four superhero films a year starting in 2022
  3. Wonder Woman III (announced a few days ago) is meant to tie up that series into a trilogy
  4. HBO Max is meant to carry secondary character shows like Batgirl and Static Shock, but the whole shows and movie slate, wherever it appears, is meant to make back and forth connections between the theater films and the TV-only shows
  5. Warners/DC is depending on the "multiverse" concept to help make sense of everything since the DCU is hardly anywhere as claustrophobically controlled and streamlined like the Disney/Marvel MCU
  6. HBO Max is intended to get AT&T's new acquisition of Warners/DC up to speed so the whole company can effectively compete in the streaming wars against Netflix, let alone Disney+ (and thus compete effectively on Wall Street)

There's a lot more news on the DC plans contained in the New York Times article

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