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The Black Knight

Who is this Marvel Comics character? And is he connected to the Blade Comic Book and film stories?

The Black Knight is a character that appears in Marvel Comics, but he is not directly connected to the Blade series. In the Marvel Universe, the Black Knight is a title that has been held by several characters , with Sir Percy of Scandia being the original Black Knight in the Arthurian era. The most well-known and modern version of the character is Dane Whitman, a descendant of Sir Percy who inherited the title and a mystical sword called the Ebony Blade.

Dane Whitman, as the Black Knight, has been a member of various superhero teams, including the Avengers and the Defenders. He possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills, combat expertise, and magical abilities derived from the Ebony Blade. The Black Knight's storylines in Marvel Comics usually involve themes of heroism, legacy, and the struggle against the Ebony Blade's curse, which can corrupt its wielder.

Although the Black Knight and Blade both exist in the Marvel Universe, they have separate storylines and are not directly related. Blade, whose real name is Eric Brooks, is a human-vampire hybrid and a skilled vampire hunter. His stories mostly revolve around his fight against supernatural creatures, especially vampires.

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