Ramona Fradon Miss America from Freedom Fighters

Ramona Fradon - The House of Mystery 232

Ramona Fradon

Famed classic comic book artist

Ramona Fradon's career began in 1950 with inking Shining Knight for DC Comics. Over a long relationship with DC she worked on many titles, but principally Aquaman, Metamorpho (which she co-created with Bob Haney) and Super Friends. She continues to appear at conventions and to draw commissions.

Brenda Starr

Brenda Starr by Ramona Starr

House of Mystery #232

Ramona Fradon

Ramona Fradon

Ramona Fradon Art Hosue of Mystery 232

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Page by Ramona Fradon - House of Mystery 232 enlarged to 1400 pixels

Wonder Woman

Ramona Fradon Wonder Woman

Dr Midnight and Black Canary

Black Canary by Ramona Fradon
The Phantom - Ramona Fradon

Batgirl vs. Catwoman

Batgirl and Catwoman - art by Ramona Fradon

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