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Gotham High "everything that's wrong with the industry"

Judging a comic book for its merits (sans judging the author or publishing entity) is the usual form here at CBB, but this youtube video seeking to eviscerate DC's Gotham High takes a different tack having to do with the forever subject of the comic book industry itself, asking does it even want an audience? (and by extension, the question might be to the bystander, does the business have the will to survive?)

Some highlights from "The Critical Drinker" video attack on Gotham High, and more so, the industry itself:

Some might accuse Melissa de la Cruz, the author of Gotham High, of lacking any semblance of imagination, artistic flair, or even a basic understanding of the Batman universe, because, by her own admission, she did almost no research into the character. They might say that all she's really done here is set upon a series of present day social issues, shove them into a tired formulaic teen drama setting, and coat them in an extremely thin veneer of Batman mythology, in a lazy attempt to profiteer off the name, and in the process bastardizing and deconstructing iconic characters into shallow, superficial and uninteresting archetypes that nobody with more than two functioning brain sells could possibly care about.

They might even say that Gotham High is the epitome of everything wrong with the comic industry today, and its a classic example of why long-time fans are becoming increasingly alienated by publishing companies that make it a point of hiring creative staff that seems to actively hate them and everything they represent.

"But don't you worry, those people are just angry bigots and pathetic fan boys, clinging to their faded memories of the past, and lashing out at anything that challenges it."

DC Comics page on Gotham High

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