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For a long time, "the biggest middle man in comics"

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc is owned by Geppi Family Enterprises. Diamond was begun in 1982 and the headquarters for the company is at Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Diamond's official web page for Diamond News and Media Press releases

Wikipedia History of Diamond Distributors here

Log of News items

"Diamond Comic Distributors loses second major client in a year"Baltimore Business Journal

March 25, 2021

Random House and Marvel strike deal

Diamond Distributors used to have a strangehold on putting comic books into comic book shops around the country. In 2020, after Diamond "froze" its business for months during the pandemic, DC Comics announced they were waving goodbye to Diamond. Now Marvel appears to be doing the same thing (and they aren't the only ones, see Ahoy Comics leaving Diamond story at MSN News and moving to Simon and Schuster - Comics Beat).

From the press release at Marvel Comics announcing their exclusive distributorship deal:


Marvel and Penguin Random House Announce Exclusive Worldwide Multi-Year Agreement to Distribute Marvel Comics and Graphic Novels

Penguin Random House Publisher Services will begin Marvel’s Direct Market distribution this October. New Marvel comics will continue to be available on Wednesdays at comic shops everywhere.

Steve Geppi, head of Diamond Distributors, responds:


"We value our almost 40-year relationship with Marvel and are pleased that we will continue selling Marvel products to the Direct Market and other channels," the statement reads.  

Story at Gamesradar

The changes aren't just from the big two comics publishers, but from across the board:

"Comic Publishers are flocking to Simon & Schuster for Distribution" – Story at Goodereader

"Marvel Says Goodbye to Diamond, Chooses New Comics Distributor in Penguin Random House"Gizmodo
March 25, 2021

For Free Comic Book Day 2021, Diamond not handling distribution of DC Comics

Story at Gamesradar

Diamond blames weather and power cuts that delay comic distribution, perhaps for months

Feb 18, 2021: Story at Bleeding Cool

With DC Comics departed, pretty sure Marvel shall now always dominate the Diamond Comics sales charts

Aug 26, 2020: Leading preorder sales discussed at Bleeding Cool

DC Comics: we sell better after divorcing Diamond

August 14, 2020: story at CBR


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Diamond might not get back to distributing comics until August

August 11, 2020

Story at Comic Book

Steve Geppi back in charge at Diamond

July 1, 2020: President of Diamond, Stan Heidmann, has left, and Geppi Family Enterprises, which runs Diamond Distributors, is back again under the direct leadership of founder Steve Geppi.

Story at comicbook

Diamond vs the new Comic Book Distributors

July 20, 2020: isn't this what was predicted would happen (at least in the short run)?

Throughout everything, Marvel has been less than helpful. Death Metal #2 outsold Empyre #1 here. DC putting out product while Marvel plays catch-up hurt them with our customers. People come in here and ask when they are finally going to be able to buy the Marvel title they have been following and are often disappointed by the answer. Titles such as Savage Avengers last released issue number 11 on March 11th. Issue 12 is due on September 30th. Too much of a gap between issues.

Who's better? asks Bleeding Cool

Dark Horse sticks with Diamond

June 30, 2020: Story at MSN News

Upheavals and Covid continue to plague the Comic Book Business

June 22, 2020: Profile of the travails haunting the comic book business. Includes a brief survey (and history) of the DC/Diamond Distributors story. Article has anecdotes of how the pandemic has forced changes on small shops, and how customers want to get back into the places, owners comparing it to visiting a bar, which actually seems apropos in a number of ways.

Story at Biz Journal

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Yikes: Diamond Comics Distributors holding back payment money due to cash flow problems

April 6, 2020: Diamond Distributors is making deferred payments to the comic book companies in order to make payments to their own people first.

April 1, 2020: DC Comics exploring "multi-distributor" setup - Comics Beat

March 31, 2020: Well, that's not good. Diamond has exclusive deals for distributing major publishers, but this article at MSN News says DC Comics (for example) is looking into alternative distribution.

In its statement to retailers this weekend, DC suggested that it was already looking at alternative distribution possibilities, although it’s unclear if that was intended as a short-term option during Diamond’s temporary shutdown, or something more lasting.

Some people have suggested the current comic book viral crisis could change comicdom going forward, and something like Diamond going belly up would indeed mean a gigantic change.

Pandemic cancels Free Comic Book Day for 2020

March 27, 2020: Diamond pulls the plug:

With concerns about Coronavirus closing down large gatherings worldwide, the comic industry is not immune. The national comics celebration of Free Comic Book Day, typically held on the first Saturday in May, will be postponed to a later date. Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest comic book distributor in North America and primary organizer of the event, announced that the day will be postponed, likely until sometime in the summer.

Story at Oklahoman

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