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eBay featuring bizarre misprint book:

New Teen Titans issue 6 with Marvel Two-in-One inside pages of the Thing and Puppet Master

...New Teen Titans #6 from April, 1981... inside are the pages of Marvel-Two-In-One #74 from the same date. There are three copies of this particular misprint known to exist and one has just hit eBay, slabbed by CGC with its true nature noted."

Story at Bleeding Cool

Bid on the item at ebay - $1.2 million

(There's a minor goof in the news story. It talks about the printing technology as "DPI" but in 1981 it was "LPI" - "lines per inch" which is something only a person with print experience would likely recognize. "DPI" is a digital printing technology designation that became best known when Apple presented its first Laserprinter in 1985.)

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