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September 2023

Fables to go into public domainMSN The Wrap

In a move with potentially large implications, the creator of the groundbreaking DC Comics series "Fables" says he has released it into the public domain. The transition will take effect Friday. "Fables," which originally ran from 2002-2015 as part of DC's Vertigo imprint, was created under a deal that gave Willingham sole ownership, the writer explained in a statement released Thursday. And the decision to give it away comes in response to what he described as years of bad faith dealings from DC Comics and its parent company (Warner Bros. Discovery).

137,0000 orders for Unnatural Order #1 by Christopher YostHollywood Reporter

Alan Moore says The Dark Knight Returns is "Sub-Fascist"Bounding into Comics

Stan Lee "elder abuse" case comes to an end

Story at Yahoo Style

One Piece Netflix series is getting Season 2Yahoo Finance

"...the top-watched TV title worldwide for two straight weeks."

Rumor that Disney is selling off ABC is "shot down"

Story at Comicbook

All the Rich Corben Hellboy stories brought together in a new Dark Horse volumeSuperherohype

Marvel's VFX workers vote to unionize

Story at Hollywood Reporter

Stories of overwork for CGI productions is rampant across the industry.

More: "Marvel’s VFX Workers Vote to Unionize in Historic Landslide Victory"Rolling Stone MSN

So what if you can't draw, with AI you can make your own comic book!ZDNET

The Batman sequel gets a production start date despite strikeComicbookmovie

Batman Mask of the Phantasm 30th Anniversary featurette part of the 4K upgrade of the film

Story at MovieWeb

The good and bad of self-publishing comic booksComicbook

Article is about launch of the book The Business of Freelance Comic Book Publishing by Gamal Hennessy.

The vast majority of modern comic book characters and stories are created, designed, or produced by freelance creators," Hennessy said. "But how do these professionals enter this strange world? How do they acquire the skills needed to create comic art? How do they find work? And how do they get paid?

Latin American comic vendors and illustrators gathered at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach for the 11th annual Latino Comics Expo

Story at Los Angeles Times

Is coming Fantastic Four movie going to be another multiverse style film? Bounding into Comics

Reuben Award goes to Alex Ross for Fantastic Four: Full CircleSuperherohype

Disney has a 100-film Bluray collection but guess which film is missing...The Verge via

Also, the set costs $1500!

Is Brie Larson going to go missing for promotions for The Marvels film?

Story at Bounding into Comics

Claim: Batgirl film was more Tim Burton than it was like The Flash

Story at Superherohype

Review of the 2002 Catwoman story Anodyne by Ed Brubaker, Darwyn Cooke and Mike AllredComicsbeat

Nice overview of the story and how it fits in with a certain style of presenting Selina Kyle in comics.

GlobalComix app coming with 40,000 releasesGoodereader

New Aquaman 2 preview trailer

Taylor Swift vs Superhero Movies

Article compares the bleak picture of superhero movie pre-sales and opening weekend numbers in 2023 against the massive ticket-buying for the Taylor Swift concert film which isn't even coming out until October. In effect, more "superhero movies are over" argumentation.

Story at Looper MSN

For the first time in 22 years the top three box office films aren't sequels or comic-book filmsMSN The Wrap

50th anniversary of Wolverine features the return of writer Chris Claremont Yahoo

Bill Griffith wins Reuben Award "Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year"

Story at Comicsbeat – article includes more award winners from the September 7 National Cartoonists Society dinner.

Aquaman 2 so "bad" Warners is not bothering with marketing for the December releaseBounding into Comics

This latest rumor comes after a report from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit claimed that the film underwent its third set of reshoots since it finished principal photography in January 2022.

Here comes New York Comic Con October 12-15Comicsbeat

The massive success of One Piece on Netflix

Story at Bounding into Comics

Warners suspends production deal with JJ AbramsSuperherohype

The Top Twenty Graphic Novels of August 2023 – chart at icv2

Marvels Comics Collection coming to auctionMenafn

Auction features copies of Incredible Hulk #181, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, Werewolf By Night #32, Tales of Suspense #39 and Iron Man #1

...[auction items will be] sold to the highest bidder with no reserves on Saturday, September 16th, by Bruneau & Co, Auctioneers, online and live in the gallery. The collection is that of William Troy Potter, who turned his passion into a career, being the proprietor of Wonderland Comics in Putnam, Conn.

Bruneau & Co, Auctioneers Page on the collection

The Cambridge ER Doctor who writes comic books on the side – Video article at WCVB

Colin Devonshire spends his days as an emergency room physician and his nights as comic book creator of the series, "By the Time I Get to Dallas."

BRZRKR franchise is moving into international licensing

Story at Comicsbeat

The end game for Disney is to sell out to Apple? Bounding into Comics

Reports of Disney's financial challenges are appearing in a lot more places, day by day, across the internet. The general consensus is that immense success led to a significant lapse in spending control. This, coupled with notable box office failures in 2022-2023 and declining attendance at the parks, exacerbated the situation.

DC's Batman Day plans for 2023Superherohype

Is it too early to put up your Batman Day decorations?

DC is continuing its Batman Day tradition of putting out free special edition comics. This year, the free offerings available in comic shops include Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Prelude Batman Day Special Edition #1, Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #1 Batman Day Special Edition, and Batman #608: Batman Day Special Edition. Fans will also be able to purchase both the Batman ’89 Hardcover Collection and Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #1."

Batman Day is September 16

Disney+ to stream a Guardians of the Galaxy III documentary

Story at Comicbook

PlayStation Spider-Man 2 with new Peter Parker suit design variationComicbook

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