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April 17, 2023

Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund


Full Circle, a special three-day celebration of the Snyderverse Trilogy to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. All funds raised will go towards American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Projections for a $130 million opening for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 – MSN Deadline

These numbers are lower than the numbers put out for GOTU Vol.2 which came out in 2017 when tickets cost less (Average $8.97 in 2017, versus approx. $11 for 2023) so this lowered projection may be factoring a number of things:

  • Marvel and DC superhero films have been fairing badly with recent releases
  • A lowered projection helps ease the smell of egg on the face if the new title stumbles
  • Maybe the test audience reviews aren't too good

Phantom of the Opera to close on Broadway after 35 year run – Sun Star

That's a pretty good haul for a guy in a cape.

Jim Lee art for SnyderVerse t-shirt for Snyder movie Full Circle showcase – Comicbookmovie

As well as that organisation, the "Full Circle" event supports the Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund in memory of Snyder's daughter, Autumn Snyder, who died through suicide in 2017.

Captain America Avengers Action Figure Toy at Walmart

Box Office:

Super Mario Bros – $437,946,600 worldwide

John Wick Vol. IV – $273,149,912 worldwide

Dungeons and Lute Players – $127,562,112 worldwide

Shazam Furry Gods –$128,479,957 worldwide

Avatard The Way O' Water – $2,314,859,608 worldwide

Adam Ant Quantumania – $474,193,752 worldwide

SpiderVerse Multiverse


The multiverse stuff... it's fun to watch the trailer with all the ... Spider-Horse, and all these other spider-characters. But I would happily trade all this to never deal with any of this again to have a real comic-universe with some real stakes and good, solid adventures where there wasn't a reset version of an alternative version of the the character. It's not that its been run into the ground, it's that they've got a giant cavern at this point and they're going deeper."

You Tube Comics by Perch

Annual analysis of Graphic Novel sales (for 2022) – Comics Beat

DC Comics is down, Image is down, IDW had a strong year, HarperCollins is strong... many other publishers are briefly examined, plus:


Marvel Comics has by far the most baffling performance of any publisher, with a paltry 16,000 copies of a single book sold in the top 750. Looking at the total list, they had a shade over 5000 different titles on the list, but only 932k copies sold – an average of 186 per title. Meanwhile Scholastic was able to move 42k copies of Miles Morales: Shockwaves. In fact every Marvel licensee – Viz, Scholastic, PRH, Abrams – was able to sell more books than Marvel itself.

Meet Miss Bliss Marvel 1955

Meet Miss Bliss, 1955 Marvel/Stan Lee take off of the Eve Arden TV show Our Miss Brooks – Heritage Comics Auction Page

Article on Marvel's Meet Miss Bliss – Bleeding Cool – The series lasted only four issues, but Meet Miss Bliss is an obscure but interesting moment in Marvel history.

Eclipse Books & Comics, Rolla Missouri, reaches 40 years in business – Phelps County Focus

Data for 2022 confirms shift in comics sales to manga in France and USA – Comicbook

New The Marvels preview trailer

About the coming The Marvels movie – Hollywood Reporter

Super Mario Bros movie opens with $204 Million 5-Day Opening – Superherohype

The coming Daisy Ridley Star Wars sequel trilogy – Variety - MSN

Al Jaffee has died

Al Jaffee, Trailblazing ‘Mad’ Magazine Cartoonist, Dies at 102 – Hollywood Reporter


He retired at age 99 as the publication's longest-tenured contributor, working issue to issue as a freelancer, never on staff."

Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee has died, age 102 – comicbook

Longtime Mad magazine cartoonist, Al Jaffee, dead at 102 – Chicago Tribune

Mad Magazine Cartoonist Al Jaffee Dead At 102 – Huff Post - Yahoo

Manga/Viz on top of comics sales charts in USA – Comicbook

Aquaman the Lost Kingdom moves 5 days earlier for release – Superherohype

Finding out if your comic book collection is worth anything – MSN Market Realist

Miles Morales SpiderVerse Trailer

And why is the villain so angry? –Polygon

Dark Horse moving some Comixology titles into print

Story at Comicsbeat

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