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Len Wein - 1948 - 2017

Leonard Norman Wein (born in New York City) was a longtime comic book writer for DC Comics, Marvel and other publications. His writing also was a part of many TV and films: Young Justice, Batman Bad Blood, Deadpool movie, the Swamp Thing films, and others.

Credited with creating and co-creating many well known characters, such as Storm (Ororo Munro) and Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) of the X-Men, co-creating Wolverine, and co-creating Swamp Thing (with Berni Wrightson), rebooting Cheetah (nemesis of Wonder Woman), creating Amanda Waller of Suicide Squad, and also Lucius Fox at "Wayne Enterprises."

"...Apparently everybody on Earth is either a Superman fan or a Batman fan. I was the latter. I always said when I was younger it was because I didn’t have a chance of being born on a foreign planet and rocketed to Earth as an infant. But they could knock off my folks any day … and that was really it. Anybody can be Batman. You can’t really be most of the other characters." - interview at HeroComplex

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Len Wein, Legendary Comics Writer and Editor, Dies at 69 - CBR

"Len Wein, the award-winning writer and editor, perhaps best known for co-creating Swamp Thing for DC Comics and Wolverine for Marvel Comics... passed away Sunday, according to multiple industry reports including word of the news from fellow comics veteran Paul Kupperberg. He was 69 years old. "

Len Wein, Wolverine Co-Creator and ‘X-Men’ Reviver, Dies at 69 - msn.com

"The cause of death was not immediately known, but since March, his Twitter feed has detailed several health issues, including spinal surgery and an abscess on his heel bone. His most recent surgery was Thursday, according to his feed, which included jokes wishing Wein had Wolverine's quick-healing power."

Wolverine and Swamp Thing Co-Creator Len Wein Has Died - Comic Book

"In the 1970s, Wein wrote regularly for Marvel Comics, beginning with a one-and-done story in Daredevil #71 co-written with writer/editor Roy Thomas.

Wein would eventually succeed Roy Thomas as editor-in-chief of Marvel's comics line in 1974, but turned the job over to Wolfman a little over a year later and return to writing, with runs on Marvel Team-Up, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor and Fantastic Four."

Len Wien Passes Away At 69 - newsarama

"Len Wein was born in New York City on June 12, 1948. After being introduced to comics while in a hospital stay at age 7, Wein began his love for comics as a reader and a creator. Wein, along with long-time friend Marv Wolfman, was active in the 1960s fanzine community as a writer and and artist."

Lucius Fox creator Len Wein has died - batman-news.com

"Over the years, Wein had created multiple characters for DC Comics, most notably Swamp Thing (along with Bernie Wrightson) and Lucius Fox. He also wrote the classic, kind of insane but all around excellent The Untold Legend of the Batman, and served as editor on some of DC’s biggest books, including Batman and the Outsiders, The New Teen Titans, and Watchmen."

Comics Writer & Editor And Transformers Scriptwriter Len Wein Passes Away At Age 69 - tformers.com

"...Wein was also a screenwriter who worked on no less than four different Transformers series: G1, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and most recently the current series, Robots In Disguise."

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