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Archie Comics

Always from Riverdale, always stuck in the middle between warring best-friends Veronica and Betty, and always best pal to Jughead, the stomach-centered friend with a crown-cap. Archie doesn't change, always modulating from one decade to the next.

Archie's first appearance was in Pep Comics #22, published Dec 22, 1941. The story was drawn by Bob Montana and written by Vic Bloom. The characters were created by comic book publisher John Goldwater.

Riverdale Archie cast being assembled

Feb 2016: Article at Deadline Hollywood:

"Riverdale has cast two of its four main characters. Lili Reinhart (Surviving Jack) is set to play Betty Cooper, while former Disney Channel star Cole Sprouse (The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody) will play Jughead Jones in the CW pilot based on Archie Comics."

More Coverage at Variety: Betty and Jughead Cast

“Riverdale” is set in the present day and follows Archie and his friends attempt to survive small-town life. Reinhart’s Betty Cooper is the ideal daughter with a crush on Archie, her best friend, who gets sick of being picture perfect and turns to her new friend Veronica for advice. Sprouse’s Jughead Jones is the former best friend of Archie’s who is still prickly about what has come between them."

Archie by Stuart Immonen

Art by Stuart Immonen

Archie and Jughead

Archie and Jughead

Afterlife with Archie 8 Cover art by Francesco Francavilla

Cover art by Francesco Francavilla

World of Archie Digest Cover - Christmas 2015

Archie's Pals'N'Gals #19 Hot Rod

Archies Pals and Gals Hot Rob Dec 1961

December 1961

Was there ever a doubt?

Betty and Veronica - Was there ever any doubt

More Betty and Veronica

Archie's TV Laugh Out #34

Archie's TV Laugh Out #34 - Jughead Hiking

Archie's TV Laugh Out #34, September 1975. Cover art by Stan Goldberg. Inks by Jon D'Agostino. Colors by Barry Grossman. Lettering by Bill Yoshida

Archie Comics Moustache wars

Archie Comics Moustache wars

Source: Archive Comics Tumblr

Archie 2014 Christmas Digest

Archie Christmas Collection Cover

Archie Comics

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Betty and Veronica


Pep Comics, May 2011, Dan Parent Cover Betty and Veronica

Afterlife with Archie #2, January 2013, Archie Comics

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica at odds

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica battle via hot sauce

Archie Summer Splash #1, 2010, Dan Parent Page

Archie Comic Digests of Winter 2012

Archie Comic Christmas Spectacular of Winter 2012

Archie Comics: magazine size Life with Archie, the Obama/Palin issue, etc

Archie USPS stamp - Famous Funnies postal stamp

Archie #265 on the racks

Betty and Veronica #203 on the rack

Archie Comics Digest #261

The Sarah Palin and Barack Obama issue of Archie

Art Baltazar artworkfrom the World of Archie Double Digest #5

World of Archie Double Digest #5 cover

Archie Comics and the End of the Comics Code Authority - 2011

Pep Comics #22, Dec 1941, Cover art by Irv Novick

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