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She Hulk

From tumblr - (Who drew this?)

News April 19, 2018:

Avengers: Infinity War Directors Adapting Another Comic Book For Syfy - gamespot

Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, will executive produce an adaptation of Deadly Class, based on the graphic novel by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. Set in the 1980s, the series will follow a homeless teenager "recruited into a storied elite private school where the world’s top crime families send their next generations," a press release reads. That teen will then have to stick to his own moral code, as he struggles to survive the school.

Tony Daniel Hopes To Stay With Batman (and Tom King) A Long Time - Newsarama

The 7 Most Racist Moments in Comic Book History - Complex

Action Comics No. 1000: Meet two legends behind the books celebrating Superman’s 80th year - Washington Post

john ridley bringing his comic book series ‘the american way’ to the big screen - eurweb

Little Lulu Covers

This is Little Lulu

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Have it your own way, Batgirl!

Carmine Infantino Catwoman and Batgirl

Carmine Infantino with Mike Espositio from Dec 1967.

Prince Valiant - 1978

Prince Valiant - 1978

Art by Hal Foster

Sheldon Moldoff Batman Sept 1961, #142

Sheldon Moldoff Batman

News April 18, 2018:

Spielberg once warned of superhero cinema’s death. Now he’s making a movie for DC Comics - Washington Post

Josh Brolin Explains Why He Turned Down Playing Zack Snyder’s Batman - Heroic Hollywood

Booster Gold Gives Bruce Wayne ‘A World Without Batman’ - Screenrant

Bill Sienkiewicz cover Daredevil #6

Daredevil and Elektra - 6 - Marvel 2016

Howard the Duck V Jurassic Park

Howard the Duck 7 Jurassic Park

Howard the Duck #7, cover art by Kevin Maguire

News April 17, 2018:

Brian Michael Bendis - Can This Man Save Superman? - New York Times

John Ridley Tackling Comic Book Movie 'American Way' for Blumhouse - Hollywood Reporter

Joaquin Phoenix On How Todd McFarlane Changed Comic Books - Heroic Hollywood

Winn's Most Emotional 'Supergirl' Episode Has a Huge Batman Easter Egg - Inverse

Rare Adam West PSA Will Make You Miss the Bright Knight Batman Even More - Gizmodo

Cartooning Pulitzer goes to a game-changer: An electronic comic book by two creators - Washington Post

"For political cartoonists, it was only a matter of time. Nearly a decade after the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning was awarded to an animation-only portfolio for the first time, the Pulitzer …



Bryan Hitch art - Wolverine

Art by Bryan Hitch

As comic book fanbase grows, Comic Con returns to Poughkeepsie - Pough Keepsie Journal

What if Batman Became Real? - Screen Rant

6 superman stars explain the scariest part of playing the man of steel - syfy

Superman at 80, still fighting for truth, justice and the American way -

Wonder Woman attacks


Neo Joker by Sean Murphy

Batman White Knight #3 - Art by Sean Murphy

News April 16, 2018:

Sean Murphy Sets Ground Rules for Possible Post-Batman: White Knight 'Murphyverse' Line

New Valiant Comics executive editor says the company is poised for a breakout moment - Washington Post

How Thanos and Captain America are redeeming Marvel comics - IGN

The Fantastic Four Are Returning to Marvel Comics - Hypebeast

‘Aquaman’ reshoots are adding a Superman reference - Batman News

Infinity War Director: Nobody Can Replace RDJ As Iron Man - Screen Rant

Superman Wonder Woman 29 - Cover art with Supergirl

Art by Karl Kerschl


She Hulk by Mayhew

Art by Michael Mayhew - Mike Mayhew Studio web site

News April 13, 2018:

Comics Retailers Are Optimistic Despite Market Changes, Sales Declines - Publishers Weekly

Superman turns 80 with 1,000 issues of 'Action Comics' - NewsOK

A Live-Action Batman Beyond Movie? One Horror Actor Wants To Make It Happen

Batman and Black Lightning to Take on Brainiac This Summer - Den of Geek

Jake Gyllenhaal Shuts Down His Chances Of Becoming The Next ‘Batman’ - Uproxx

All the Marvel Cinematic Universe details you need to remember before seeing 'Avengers: Infinity War' - Business Insider

How to get the comics backstory for Avengers: Infinity War for less than $20 - Wired

Marvel's Black Widow problem - University of Cincinnati

"Marvel Studios still has no stand-alone Black Widow movie - UC pop culture expert Rebecca Borah said the blockbuster superhero franchise should make room for the Russian superspy.

...“Because Natasha was the only female Avenger for several films, she became the lightning rod for channeling fans’ hopes and desires for a female superhero and all that entails,” Borah said. “Natasha Romanoff has to become all things to all creators and all audiences, which is a completely unwinnable and unsatisfactory situation for everyone.”

Jasons Alive

Batman White Knight #7, June 2018, Cover by Sean Murphy

C2E2 2018: The Actions Comics #1000 Panel

Krypton Drops Reference to Marvel’s Doctor Strange - Screen Rant

Mahmud Asrar art - Ororo Storm

Wolverine and the X-Men #3, June 2014, page art by Mahmud Asrar

Suicide Squad #15

Suicide Squad 15 Cover by Romita Friend and White

Suicide Squad #15, June 2017, cover by Romita Jr, Friend and White.

Kevlar Vest Girl

Kevlar Vest Girl - Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad #15, June 2017, interior page art by John Romita Jr and Eddie Barrows

Black Lightning

Black Lightning 2018

News April 12, 2018

Comic Book Stores Got MAD Magazine #1 a Week Early, Asked to Hold It - Bleeding Cool

How Comic-Con Came to Rule the Pop Culture World - Howstuffworks

Today's four-day extravaganza, which includes a fifth preview day, bears little resemblance to the original. The focus is now on film screenings, hands-on workshops, games, awards and a costume contest. Movie studios and major corporate sponsors show up to pitch products that may have very little to do with nerd culture. Comic-Con brought in $17.3 million in revenue in 2014 from ticket sales and exhibit space rentals. Not bad for a nonprofit.

Heat Magnet Jim Cornette Comes To Comic Books - Newsarama

What Marvel’s new Fantastic Four comics could mean for MCU - Nerdreactor

John Malkovich's Comic Convention Comedy Supercon Trailer - Newsarama

Suicide Squad #38

Suicide Squad 38 Cover

Suicide Sqwuad #38, May 2018, Cover art by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandoro Sanchez

News April 11, 2018

Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee Reportedly Victim To Physical And Psychological Elder Abuse - Comic Book Movie

"Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee Reportedly Victim To Physical And Psychological Elder Abuse A new report reveals that people close to the Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, have allegedly conspired to seize Stan Lee's financial assets, and use his icon status for their own benefits.

Mark Hamill Reveals Why He's No Longer Interested In Returning To The Star Wars Franchise - Comic Book Movie

Joaquin Phoenix on Those Joker Rumors, Marvel Movies, and Comic Book Adaptations - Collider

Batman White Knight #7

Batman White Knight 7

Batman White Knight #7, June 2018, Cover by Sean Murphy

Detail Sean Murphy art the Joker

Batman by ZP

Art by ZP Archives

Tokyo Mix

Hapi Tokyo Mix - Pack of 12 - Amazon