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Avengers #221

Avengers 221 Art by Ed Hannigan

Avengers #221, July 1982, Art by Ed Hannigan

Superboy #1 First issue 1949

Superboy 1949 first issue

Superboy #1, March-April 1949, Cover art by Wayne Boring, Inks by Stan Kaye

Baron Blood vs Captain America

Captain America vs Baron Blood

Cover by Stuart Immonen

Future Imperfect Variant Cover

Future Imperfect - She-Hulk

Future Imperfect #1, Aug 2015, Nick Bradshaw art- Spider-Gwen Variant


Batwoman Detective Comics #971 - Art by Miguel Mendonca

Detective Comics #971, Feb 2018, Art by Miguel Mendonca

Why should I care

Detective Comics 972 Should I care

Detective Comics #872, March 2018, Art by Miguel Mendonca

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Batman and Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman

Cheetah and Wonder Woman