Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuts overseas

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony has started a two-week lead-in before Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits American theaters, releasing it in Europe, Australian and Asian markets. Because Sony earned poor return on a number of big-budget films in 2013, there is a lot of hope riding on Amazing Spider-Man 2, enough that Sony already has announced sequel #3 and #4 for this rebooted series.

Jamie Foxx vs Spider-Man

DC superheroes by José Luis García-López

DC superheroes by José Luis García-López


Maleficent - Angelina Jolie

Inmates running the Asylum

Detective Comics Batman in Arkaham issue 28

Two page spread by Aaron Lopresti from Detective Comics #28. See enlarged.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Saw this online at tumblr

Last Days of Superman - Back to Krypton

Last Days of Superman Art

The terminally ill Clark Kent must face mortality and commences saying goodbye to his friends - but Supergirl has other ideas. From 1962.

See this page enlarged.

More Supergirl

Catwoman & Batman milkshake

Julie Newmar and Adam West - Batman 1966

More Batman 1966 TV Show

Locus from Justice League 3000 #4

Locus by Howard Porter - Justice League 3000 #4

See the Locus page enlarged here.

Spread from Justice League 3000

Howard Porter Justice League 3000

Howard Porter 2-page spread from Justice League 3000 #3 - enlarged

Li'l Gotham Art

Lil Gotham Artwork

More Dustin Nguyen artwork.

Aparo: Aquaman and Batman 1974

Aquman and Batman fight - Jim Aparo - 1974

Jim Aparo art - Brave and the Bold 114 - View enlarged Cover detail

More Jim Aparo

Richard Corben - Premature Burial 2014

Premature Burial page 2014

Corben's version of Edgar Allen Poe tales with his own alterations, this is another batch via Dark Horse Comics.

Cover Corben -Corben Premature Burial


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

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