Madeline and Harvey Dent - Bruce Timm

Batman V Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman - Batman issue 191Catwoman V Batman - Batman 191Catwoman V Batman - havent seen him since

Batman #191

Supergirl - Amanda Conner

Supergirl art by Amanda Conner

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Poster Movie Comi-con 2016

More Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Superman in Kennett Missouri

Superman in Kennett Missouri

Catwoman by ADam Hughes

Scholastic Wants to give you $15,000

Scholastic is running a contest for finding new material for their Graphix comic book/graphic novel imprint. Part of the news release says:

"Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, has announced a contest to find talent to debut on its acclaimed Graphix imprint for children and teen readers. Graphix focuses on creator-driven books that bring exceptional art, rich content, and strong storytelling to realistic fiction, memoir, fantasy, and more. The Graphix imprint is committed to finding and championing new voices in the children’s graphic novel space....

Submissions will be accepted via the dedicated website through April 1, 2017 and up to five winning entries will be announced on or about June 20, 2017."

Marvel Champions Variant

Marvel Champions Variant

Released at the San Diego Comi-Con 2016

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad art - Jim Lee

Art by Jim Lee

Star Trek/ Green Lantern Crossover

Star Trek and Green Lantern Crossover

Released at the San Diego Comi-Con 2016

Batman the Batbeast - Jim Aparo Art Manbat

Art by Jim Aparo

Supergirl Rebirth art

Supergirl RebirthSupergirl Rebirth

Nothing can stop Photon

Spider-Man 171

Darwyn Cooke Catwoman

Art by Darwyn Cooke

Comic-Con 2016

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

If Comic Book fandom was a cult that had a concentrated form, the annual San Diego Comi-Con would be it's High Holy Day, Ramadan, Chinese New Year and more all rolled up into one big pop-culture festival. With Hollywood and Gaming pushing deeper into each years event, the centralization of Comic Books as the seedbed for other media continues. Maybe all these pop-culture leaders don't actually read monthly pamphlet comic books, but it is telling that they pretend that they do.

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Comic-Con seeks pop-culture supremacy between political conventions - CNN Money

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What to see Friday at Comic-Con - Fox San Diego


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman