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Superman and Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and Superman

Art by Tony S Daniel



Frazetta "Reality Show"

Frank Frazetta Self-Portrait - Doc Dave Winiwicz Collection has an article about a reality TV show with an episode featuring the Frank Frazetta's estate feud from a few years ago:

"The third season of "Strange Inheritances" will feature the saga surrounding the estate of artist and illustrator Frank Frazetta, whose "Conan the Barbarian" bookcovers made him famous and whose works have sold for more than $1 million.

"My father was an incredibly successful artist and a great dad, but not such a great estate planner," Bill Frazetta told Fox Business. "So when he died, he left my siblings and me a valuable inheritance that nearly tore us apart."

Jack Kirby's DC Years

Kamandi issue 20 - Computers and Men

"After his breakup with Stan in 1970, Kirby had gone over to DC, where publisher Carmine Infantino had promised him artistic and editorial freedom. Kirby created several titles for the company, including the acclaimed Fourth World Line – The New Gods, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, The Forever People, and Mister Miracle. However, it soon became apparent that Kirby, for all his mastery of plots and pencils, needed an editor, someone to restrain his more outlandish impulses and to clean up his clunky dialogue. At Marvel, Stan had fulfilled this function in what had been a near-perfect arrangement for both men until their later difficulties . On their own, neither creator would ever again match the specific, accessible brilliance of their combined efforts during the formative years of the Marvel Age. Kirby's early-1970s DC work – raw, frenzied, laden with metaphor but occasionally baffling – underscored that point. Increasingly, DC's editors meddled with Kirby's titles, rankling the veteran artist to the point that when it came time to re-up his contract in 1975, he was already headed back to his former employer."

Stan Lee - The Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book, by Jordan Raphael and Tom Spurgeon, page 178, Chicago Review Press, 2003.

Sci Fi Pilot


Art by Andrzej Marszalek - Online Art Page

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Moebius

Art by Moebius

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson - Black Adam

“Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set for his own DC Comics movie. Black Adam is set to be linked to the coming Shazam! film


Batwoman Art by Georges Jeanty

Batwoman Annual #2, June 2015. Art by Georges Jeanty, colors by Guy Major

Batwoman Annual Cover - Art by Georges Jeanty


Raboy Art - Bulletman number 2 woith Bulletgirl

Bulletman #2, Fall 1941.Cover by Mac Raboy

"The first issue of Bulletman appeared in 1941... with its logo printed in silvery metallic ink, a beautiful Raboy cover and excellent interior artwork, that first issue is now a rarely seen, mouthwatering collectors item.

In 1941, its 68 pages cost exactly one thin dime, and you could have as many copies as you could lug home...

Like most superheroes of the day, Bulletman fought a large array of unusual criminals. In Bulletman #1, for example, the crimebuster battled a costumed crook named the Black Spider, a monkey-faced villain known as Dr. Mood, and a nameless but terrifying giant who was over 20 feet high. Aso, in one later story foreshadowing the Justice Society stories in All-Star Comics, he and Bulletgirl fought three of their old enemies who had combined into a "Revenge Syndicate." They were the Weeper, who always cried before killing his victims; The Black Rat, a superstrong guy who in costume looked like a rodent; and the Murder Prophet, who foretold evil and then made his prophecies come true."
– Roy Thomas from All in Color for a Dime, Ace Books, 1970

New X-23 Logan Trailer

Free Comic Book Day Wonder Woman

DC Comics Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Superhero Girls

Free Comic Book Day - customized retailer version - Cover by Yancey Labat

Special Edition Wonder Woman - Free Comic Book ay 2017

Cover by Nicola Scott

Green Arrow #15

Green Arrow 15 - Juan Ferreyra art

Supergirl #49

Supergirl 49 - Art by Joshua Middleton

Art by Joshua Middleton

Worlds' Finest #8

Worlds Finest 8 - Cover art by Kevin Maguire

Worlds' Finest #8, March 2013, Cover art by Kevin Maguire

Batman #617

Catwoman Attacks - Robin and Batman

Batman #617, September 2003. Art by Jim Lee

Jason Todd Speaks

Jason Tood Speaks

Source: batgirldances tumblr

Frank Cho - Harley Quinn #5

Harley Quinn - Frank ChoHarley QUinn issue 5 - Cover by Frank Cho

Cover art by Frank Cho


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman