Guardians at $490 million worldwide

Guardians of the Galaxy

Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket have become the biggest draw of the USA summer blockbuster slate after pressing past the earnings of Captain America Winter Soldier. Edging back into the #1 spot in America after two weeks trailing the reboot Ninja Turtles, Marvels space opera / superheroic sci-fi film is back in the lead with it's 1970s pop soundtrack and comedy dialogue.

Gamaora and Rocket

After 26 days in theaters, and with a domestic haul of $251 million combined with the worldwide take to grand total at $489,056,069 Million, the film is still running hard on repeat viewings and excellent word of mouth reviews.

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Tony Daniel Detective Comics #3, 2012

Detective Comics #3 cover art by Tony Daniel

Detective Comics #3 January 2012, Tony Daniel artwork.

Detective Comics issue #3 - Tony Daniel art 1Detective Comics issue #3 - Tony Daniel art 2

Detective Comics issue #3 - Tony Daniel art 3Detective Comics issue #3 - Tony Daniel art 4

Uncle Scrooge cover, March 2008

Uncle Scrooge 375 cover

Cover art by Daan Jippes

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Wonder Woman / Batman

Wonder Woman and Batman

Saw this on tumblr here.

Near Pristine Action Comics #1 goes for $3.2 million

Original Action Comics with Superman

Auction at mega-seller Ebay site nets $3.2 million for highest bid on a near-prestine copy of Actions Comics #1 - - this particular copy considered to be the best condition issue of this famed first appearance of Superman in the entire world (news reports are stating only 50 copies are known to exist in "un" restored condition of this issue).

3.2 million dollar copy Action Comics Number 1

From the ebay site:

"For sale here is the single most valuable comic book to ever be offered for sale, and is likely to be the only time ever offered for sale during many of our lifetimes. There are no second chances. This is a NO RESERVE auction."

See Action Comics #1 cover art enlarged.

Terry Dodson Wonder Woman Cover issue 9

Wonder Woman Issue 9 - Terry Dodson

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

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