Weird War Tales

Hybrid DC Comics anthology title which mixed together themes from their mystery and science-fiction titles with the plotting and historical situations of their war books.

The creative talents used ranged all over the DC landscape, from their superhero artists (Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, etc) to many artists utilized form the Philippines (Alex Nino, Tony DeZuniga, Gerry Talaoc, Jess Jodloman, Rubeny aka Ruben Yandoc), to all-utility artists like Joe Kubert and Jack Kirby.

From the Promo text for the Showcase Weird War Tales Volume 1:

War has never been stranger (or more terrifying!) than within these pages. From ancient Egypt to futuristic landscapes, the battlefields of WEIRD WAR TALES span millennia, and on them soldiers meet with fearsome foes, and twists of fate. Avenging golems, robot uprisings, friendly phantoms and vampire villagers are just the beginning in WEIRD WAR!

In this compendium, you'll find tales written by industry legends Robert Kanigher, Len Wien and Marv Wolfman. Featuring are from series editor Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Ross Andru, Russ Heath and others, each story of otherworldly soldiery is sure to thrill." Showcase Weird War Tales Volume collects issue #1-#21 Showcase Presents: Weird War Tales Vol. 1 -

Weird War Tales issue 94 art by Joe Kubert

Weird War Tales #94, December 1980, cover by Joe Kubert

Joe Kubert artwork - Weird War Tales

Kubert Weird War Tales

Captain Dracula - Tony DeZuniga art

Captain Dracula

Gerry Talaoc, 1974, Weird War

Weird War art by Gerry Talaoc Splash Page

Splash page by Gerry Talaoc from Weird War Tales, issue #30 from 1974.

Weird War #30, DC Comics 1974

Gerry Talaoc Weird War Page

Page by Talaoc for DC Comics' Weird War Tales #30, 1974. See enlarged.

Rich Buckler Cover Weird War Tales #117

Weird War Tales #117

Fred Carillo page Weird War Tales #117

Fred Carillo page Weird War Tales #117

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