Weird Mystery issue 1 1972 - cover by Kaluta

Weird Mystery

DC Comics horror and mystery title

Ran for 24 issues + a single 100 Page Super Spectacular

Weird Mystery was a short-changed sister mystery book to DC Comics' "big" series like House of Mystery and Unexpected. Jack Kirby worked on the early books for Weird Mystery but the series soon switched to a mix of American artists and Filipino artists, and like the other mystery titles at DC, benefited from the foreign talent considerably.

Cover Art Weird Mystery #10

Weird Mystery 10 art by Luiz Dominguez

Weird Mystery #10, Feb-March 1974, Luis Dominguez cover art

See Weird Mystery #5, Mar-Apr 1973

Click to enlarge to view pages (cover is by Luis Dominguez)

Jodloman 1 - Jodloman 2

Jodloman 3 - Cover Dominguez

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Weird Mystery #1, July-Aug 1972, Cover by Jack Kirby

Weird Mystery #5, March-April 1973, Cover by Jack Sparling

Weird Mystery #10, Feb-March 1974, Cover by Luis Dominguez

Weird Mystery #12, June-July 1974, Cover by Luis Dominguez

Weird Mystery #15, Jan 1974 - Dec 1975, Cover by Luis Dominguez

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