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Wally Wood

Comic book artist who worked for E.C. Comics during the 1950s, was one of the original Mad Magazine cartoonists. Worked for a variety of the mainstream publishers (DC Comics, Marvel, etc) and published many independent comic books and collections of his own. Also worked in commercial art and illustration. After dealing with a host of serious diseases, Wood killed himself with a gun in 1981.

June 17, 1927 – November 2, 1981

Wally Wood Self Portrait Image

Wally Wood

Wally Wood

Weird Science-Fantasy #26, December 1954, Wally Wood art

King of the World 1978 Graphic Novel Album

Wally Wood EC COmics Weird Science Fantasy 26

Weird Science #18

Weird Science 18 Cover

Wally Wood - King of the World

Wally Wood King of the World King of the World, album published by Seagate in USA, 1978

More King of the World

Weird Science cover #14

Weird Science 14 Cover Art Wally Wood EC Comics Weird Science Cover art black and White - Wally Wood

Wally Wood Alien Poker

Wally Wood Playing Card Aliens

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