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Tim Drake

Timothy Drake first appeared in a flashback in Batman #436, serving as the third Robin, not as mannered and behaved as Dick Grayson, but not as wild as Jason Todd. Drake's stated ambition is to surpass Batman as "the World's Greatest Detective".

Drake was "killed" in Detective Comics #940, but was revealed later to have actually been transported to a Kryptonian intergalactic technological prison run (see Detective Comics #965) by a being called "Oz" who is claiming to be Jor-el, the father of Kal-el, aka Superman.

Detective Comics #940

Detective Comics 940 - Tim DrakeDetective Comics 940 - Tim Drake

Detective Comics #940 - Tim Drake is now the third Robin, joining Jason Todd and Damian Wayne, to be killed in action.

Detective Comics 940 -  Stephanie

Stephanie Brown first appeared in Detective Comics #647 (August 1992) and was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle.

Tim Drake - Robin without a Cause

Tim Drake - RObin without a Cause

Art by WFBarton - online page

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