The Spirit

The first Spirit adventure appeared on June 2, 1940 in a 16-page tabloid-sized newspaper insert, and continued in the same tabloid-sized format through 1952. Everett Arnold, who was the publisher of Quality Comics, went to Will Eisner and hired him to create a character to compete with the superhero craze that had started with Superman and Batman. Newspapers used the insert as a special bonus for their Sunday editions and to draw in comic book fans. Arnold is credited with coming up with the name of the character, but Eisner designed the rest, including the mask which was Eisner's way of defining the character of Detective Denny Colt as a quasi-"superhero."

Eisner brought in a number of other assistants to work on the book during its run, especially Jules Feiffer who ended up writing most of the later stories, and Wally Wood who drew the final installments before th end of the original run.

The character was revived many times, packaged into collections and albums (especially by Kitchen Sink Press) and picked up by DC Comics in 2007 for two recurring issue runs totaling 49 issues altogether (also there was a single-issue Spirit and Batman team-up.)

Spirit - Darwyn Cooke

Born, reborn, again and again

Spirit Cover Art Issue 6

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The Spirit Splash Pages

Spirit Splash PageSpirit Splash PageSpirit Splash PageSpirit Splash Page

Selection of Splash pages from 1940s era The Spirit. Art by Will Eisner

More Spirit

Darwyn Cooke - Spirit #8, 2007

The SPirit Number 8 Darwyn CookeDarwyn COoke Page SPirit Number 8

Brian Bolland cover Spirit #26

Brian Bolland Spirit Cover

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Neal Adams' The Spirit

The Spirit by Neal Adams

More Neal Adams

Paul Smith Cover to The Spirit #17


Darwyn Cooke "Ginger Ice"

Darwyn Cooke Ginger Ice from Spirit #1

Darwyn Cooke's Ginger Ice from his Spirit revival from issue 1, Feb 2007

El Morte Darwyn Cooke
Page by Darwyn Cooke - The Spirit number 8

Will Eisner Batman 50th Art - 1989

Will Eisner Batman - 1989 50th Anniversary

The Spirit

The Spirit

Batman + Spirit One Shot = It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World, January 2007

The Spirit #1, "a reborn Spirit" by Darwyn Cooke, Feb 2007

The Spirit #9, Words and more words, Oct 2007

The Spirit #12 Sand Seref - Too well drawn to be bad, Jan 2008

The Spirit #13 "Holiday Special", Feb 2008

Spirit Artwork Pages

Batman and The Spirit One Shot - Joker and Harley Quinn

Batman and The Spirit One Shot - Darwyn Cooke

Batman and the Spirit One Shot - Joker and Harley Quinn

Batman and The Spirit One Shot - Commissioner Gordan and P'Gell?

Spirit #1: It's hard getting re-born

Spirit #1: Ginger Ice

Spirit #1: Ebony

Spirit #6 Cover art by Cooke, J.Bone

Spirit #7 page by Jordi Bernet, DC Comics, 2007

Spirit #7 Page by Kyle Baker "The Spirit", DC Comics

Spirit #9 - Zombie - Page 20

Spirit #9 - Zombie - Page 6

Spirit #12 - 2-page Spread by Darwyn Cooke

Spirit #13 Ty Templeton art

Spirit #13 by Eduardo Risso

Spirit #15 Cover art by Bruce Timm cover

Spirit #15 : Art by Paul Smith A

Spirit #15 : Art by Paul Smith B

Spirit #16 - Justiniano art Spirit Artwork - Page 16

Spirit #16 - Justiniano art Spirit Artwork - Page 11

Spirit #16 - Justiniano art Spirit Artwork - Page 6

Spirit #17 Cover art by Paul Smith, DC Comics 2008

Spirit #26 cover Art by Brian Bolland

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