The Spectre by Jim Aparo

The Spectre

More Fun Comics the Spectre

Above: First appearance of The Spectre, art by Bernard Bailey

"The Spectre was a ghost of of a murdered detective who was forced to return to earth with the impossible task of ridding the world of crime.

...The Spectre has an extremely large bag of tricks. He could do all the normal ghostly things, like fly, let bullets pass through his body, and become invisible. In addition, he could instantly travel to other dimensions, enlarge or diminish his body to any size, make multiple copies of himself, and talk with his alter ego as if he were a separate being."

From The Golden Age Spectre, Vol 1, introduction by Jerry Bails. DC Comics Archive Books 2003.

Originally created by Jerry Siegel (of Superman fame). The original adventures were drawn by Bernard Baily.

More Fun Comics #58, Aug 1940

Spectre 1940 Bernard Baily Art Barnard Baily The SPectre 1940

Art by Bernard Baily

Spectre by Kelley Jones

Kelley Jones - The SPectre

More Kelley Jones Art

Below: Jim Aparo Spectre from Adventure Comics #431, 1974. Enlarged page.

Jim Aparo The Spectre

Below: Rich Corben Spectre art, 2005. See entire page.

Corben The Spectre Jim Corrigan

Arthur Adams art - Spectre

Arthur Adams The Spectre

Spectre Cover 1 Spectre Cover 1 Spectre Cover 1Spectre Cover 1Spectre Cover 1Spectre Cover 1

Mignola Spectre

The Spectre Issue 8

Mike MIgnola - The Spectre #8

The Spectre #67

The Spectre 67

The Spectre #61, January 1998, cover art by Laurel

DC Comics Presents 29

Spectre and Superman

Jim Starlin cover

Brave and the Bold #199

Brave and the Bold #199 - Art by Jim Aparo

Brave and the Bold #199, June 1983

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