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The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Plaudits are piled up at the feet of Frank Miller for The Dark Knight Returns, but that's not the case for his goofy sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Although it is thoroughly a Frank Miller project and the ideas and story line are recognizable as a Frank Miller project, not so in the case of it being a recognizable sequel to the Batman tale of Dark Knight Returns. It's got Batman and the cast of DC heroes battling and talking, but it is the sarcasm and the sense that Miller is really only talking to himself for part of the tale that gives it an aura of partially being a three-part epic middle finger directed at comic book superhero expectations (the same can also be somewhat said for Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman and Robin, though Lee's art reined in a lot of the goofiness that is featured in The Dark Knight Strikes Again by simply being drawn in the straight-forward traditional style Lee specializes in.)

DC Comics' "noir" version improves Dark Knight Srikes Again by removing the clashing and arbitrariness of the Lynn Varley coloring from the versions that originally appeared in 2002 and in the Absolute Dark Knight deluxe book edition. It doesn't change the frequent "big foot" cartooning by Miller that makes Dark Knight Strikes Again suddenly veer off into Li'l Abner territory. For good and ill Miller makes this sequal a one of a kind effort at bringing together both the usual sturm and drang of The Batman with political cartooning and many other elements that just arn't the usual superhero fare.

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