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Ryan Sook

Cover artist extraordinary for DC Comics, et al

Challengers of the Unknown #15 in 1998 has the first pro Sook artwork. He worked for years at Dark Horse comics, and in 2001worked on The Spectre for DC Comics.

He has worked for WIldstorm and for Marvel Comics, though the bulk of his work has been at DC Comics.

His style is heavily stylized and reflects influences from other artists like Adam Hughes, but also famous poster artists like Alphonse Mucha.

The official Ryan Sook web site is here.

Ryan Sook Cover to Zatanna #2

Ryan Sook Zatanna Cover

See the Zatanna Cover art enlarged. (See an interior page by Sook here.)

Ryan Sook, Zatanna issue 2

Zatanna issue 2 art by Sook

See this Zatanna page by Ryan Sook larger here.

Batman 34 Selfie Cover

Sook art - Kamandi 2009

Sook artwork - kamandi

Kamandi story art by Sook from Wednesday Comics #9, Sept 2, 2009. View page enlarged.

Superman is puzzled by his defeat in Frank Miller’s DKR

Sook cover DC Essentials


Sook Comic Book Art

DC Graphic Novel Essentials book cover by Sook

Justice League Dark #1, Nov 2011, Sook Cover art

Kamandi - Wednesday Comics #9, Sept 2, 2009, DC Comics, Sook Page

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Ryan Sook Cover

Zatanna #1, June 2005, Ryan Sook art

Zatanna #2, August 2005, Ryan Sook Cover

Mystery in Space #1, July 2012, Sook Cover

Ryan Sook Cover Zatanna Issue 1

Sook Zatanna

Enlarge artwork, Ryan Sook Zatanna Issue 1

Stephane Roux Zatanna

Zatanna Sook

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