Part of the original vanguard of independent comics superheroes, created by Mike Baron with artwork by Steve Rude (first cover of the first issue by Paul Gulacy.)

Originally published by Capital Comics, which was backed by Capital City Distributors, (which was bought up by Diamond Comics Distributors in 1996 and essentially gave Diamond control over the entire mainstream comics distribution business). After Capital Comics quit publishing, Nexus moved to First Comics.

Nexus #1 Paul GUlacy artwork Cover

Steve Rude Nexus 2014

Cheese It Nexus Steve Rude At

Steve Rude Nexus art for Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013. Although some aspects of Nexus are dated (the black go-go boots...) the new stories are continuations of the same Nexus that appeared 3+ decades ago, a superhero paradigm combining science fiction and muscle-heroics with infusions of witty banter out of a screwball comedy.

Steve Rude artwork Nexus 2014

Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013

Nexus Dark Horse Presents #31

Steve Rude page from first issue of Nexus, 1981

Nexus first issue Steve Rude Page

Page from first issue of Nexus, 1981, art by Steve Rude.

Nexus Cover issue 6

Nexus Capital Comics issue 6 by Steve Rude

Nexus by Steve Rude

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Nexus #1, 1981, Capital Comics - Paul Gulacy Cover

Nexus #1, 1981, Steve Rude page

Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013, Steve Rude Nexus Page a

Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013, Steve Rude Nexus Page b

Comics Journal #110, Aug 1986, Steve Rude Nexus artwork cover

Original Page Jan 2014