Ernie Bushmiller is responsible for the character Nancy, who began as a 1933 add-on personality for the strip Fritzi Ritz (originated by cartoonist Larry Whittington in 1922) which Bushmiller had taken over from Whittington in 1925 (Whittington had quit Fritz Ritz to do the strip Mazie the Model).

Bushmiller ghost-wrote Fritzi Ritz for a short period before assuming full control, with his name appearing on the first strip in 1926. Bushmiller worked on the strip full time until 1979 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He continued on the strip with help from Will Johnson and Al Plastino (Pastino eventually took over the strip entirely for a time). Bushmiller died in 1982 in Stamford, Connecticut.

Bushmiller's work on Nancy (it was converted from Fritzi Ritz to Nancy in 1938) is known for his exact cartooning style utilizing bold line work, but particularly for his "gag" structures in which a surreal element is employed which often establishes the world of Nancy and Sluggo as being one viewed by an outside audience, generally that of the cartoonist Bushmiller himself, who infrequently appeared in some manner as a part of the story.

Deep Snow - Nancy and Sluggo

Deep snow Sluggo and Nancy

Nancy, by Ernie Bushmiller, 1951

Nancy - Sluggo is so lazy

Sluggo and Nancy

Nancy -The New Boy

Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller

Nancy - The Tea Party

Ernie Bushmiller Nancy 1946



1951 Nancy - Deep Snow

1946 Nancy - Mother's Tea Party

1947 Sluggo is so lazy

Nancy Sequence - That New Boy

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