Fearless Defenders 6 - Variant Cover - Misty Knight - Mark Brooks art

Misty Knight

Mercedes "Misty" Knight worked originally for the New York Police Department

Misty Knight with the Captain America Shield

Mark Brooks cover (detail) Defenders #1

Mark Brooksd Fearless Defenders #1 Cover Art

Mark Brooks art (detail) for the cover of Fearless Defenders #1, April 2013, Marvel Comics. See the entire cover.

Misty Knight

Misty Knight - art by by Ashley A. Woods

Misty Knight by Ashley A. Woods - online web page

Misty Knight  - Art by Daniel Acuna

Art by Daniel Acuna "after Corben"

Misty Knight

Will Smiley Defenders

Will Smiley

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Misty Knight vs. Shark

Misty Knight vs. Shark

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