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Lois Lane

Character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Often called "Superman's GIrlfriend" but since the 1960's there have been many attempts at DC Comics to make the character more independent, though always closely aligned to the "world of Superman." Lois is also sometimes deplyed by DC as a superhero in her own right, usualy in some incarnation as Superwoman.

1962 Lois Lane

Lois Lane 31 Cover art 1962

Cover art by Curt Swan

Superwoman Lois Lane

More Superwoman

Noel Neill - 1920-2016

Noel Neill - Lois Lane

The first actress to portray Lois Lane onscreen - the 1948 movie serial, and again in the Adventures of Superman TV program 1953-1958. She appeared as Lois Lane's mother in the 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman, and also appeared in the 2006 Superman Returns. In total, she had 79 acting credits, stretching from 1940 to 2016.

Lois Lane Giant #113 - 1971

Lois Lane 113

Lois Lane Giant #113, September-October 1971, Art by Dick Giordano

Gary Frank - Lois Lane and Superman

Art by Gary Frank

It's my Scoop - World's Finest Comics

Lois Lane and Clark - scoop with Batman

Lois Lane

Lois Lane - The New Frontier - Darwyn Cooke

Art by Darwyn Cooke

Noel Neill

Noel Neill - Lois Lane Superman TV

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane Annual #2 - from (1963

Noel Neill

Superman - Lois Lane - Noel Neill

Most recently played on film by Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Lois Lane #100

Lois Lane #100

More Curt Swan

Dick Giardano - cover Lois Lane 114

Classic Lois Lane covers - More Lois Lane

  1. Lois Lane #26 - Cover by Curt Swan
  2. Lois Lane #110 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  3. Lois Lane #112 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  4. Lois Lane #114 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  5. Lois Lane #129 - Cover by Bob Oksner

Lois Lane 26Lois Lane 110Lois Lane 112Lois Lane 129

Amy Adams Lois Lane

Lois Lane issue 70 - catwoman vs Lois Lane

View Catwoman vs Lois Lane cover enlarged - Schaffenberger cover art.

The Lois Lane / Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman Quadrangle - Lois Lane 14 - 1960

Lois Lane marries Batman

Lois Lane 93 - 1969

Lois Lane 93 - Superman marries Wonder Woman

Lois Lane switches to Batman; Superman switches to Wonder Woman.

Superman gets the 'Go By' circa 1944

Lois Lane Superman 1944

Lois Lane

Lois Lane

Man of Steel Movie - 2013 - Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Superman #30, Sep-Oct 1944, Lois gives Superman the 'go-by'

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #70, Nov 1966, Catwoman vs Lois

Superman #277, July 1974 Cover, Lois at Daily Planet Cover

Brave and the Bold #175, June 1981, Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne

Trinity #43, March 2009, Lois uses a fake suicide to get Supermans attention

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