Spider-Woman vs Wolverine Punisher scales - Punisher by Leinil Francis Yu. Ultimate Captain America Leinil Yu

Leinil Francis Yu

Comic Book Artist extraordinaire

Inhumans Vs X-Men #5

Inhumans vs X-Men

More Inhumans vs X-Men

Black Panther and Storm

Black Panther & Storm by Leinil Francis Yu

Art by Leinil Francis Yu

Leanil Yu cover - The Mighty Avengers - Elektra

Mighty Avengers

Leinil Yu

Leinil Yu BATMAN

Leinil Yu Wolverine Marvel Comics

Leinil Yu Spider-man

Leinil Yu Ultimate Hulk

Leinil Yu Venom and Wolverine

Leinil Yu Avengers at Marvel Comics

Cable Xforce Leinil Francis Yu

Leinil Francis Yu Links

Leinil Francis Yu

Indestructable Hulk #5, May 2013, Leinil Yu Cover

Indestructable Hulk #5, May 2013, Leinil Yu Mara Page

Indestructable Hulk #5, May 2013, Leinil Yu Underwater

Page on the Leinil Yu Ultimate Wolverine and Hulk #1

Avengers #36 Cover (detail)

Leinil Yu Avengers 2-page Spread

Leinil Yu New Avengers page from #36, 2008

Silent Dragon page by Leinil Francis Yu, DC Comics 2005

Leinil Yu - Super Crooks Variant Cover Art #1

Page featuring "The Gladiator" from Super Crooks #1.

Super Crooks #3 page by Leinil Francis Yu

Ultimate Wolverine - Hulk 2-page spread, 2005

2007 Avengers Spread by Leinil Yu

Super Crooks Leinil Yu


Leinil Yu Wolverine

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