Jason Fabok Batwoman

Detective Comics #19, June 2013, DC Comics

Batwoman's pale skin and red hair gives her an other-worldly look so that she's not just one more person in Gotham in a batsuit. See the Jason Fabok 2-page spread for the Batcave from issue 19. More Fabok, variant cover to Batman #8.

Batwoman Detective Comics by jason Fabok

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Jason Fabok

Batman #8, June 2012, Jason Fabok - Variant cover

Detective Comics #21, Aug 2013, Jason Fabok Penumbra cover

Detective Comics #26, Feb 2014, Jason Fabok Bat-Skull Art

Detective Comics #19, June 2013, Jason Fabok Batcave 2-page spread

Detective Comics #19, June 2013, Jason Fabok Batwoman art

Detecive Comics #13, Jan 2013, Jason Fabok Poison Ivy

Batwoman #25, January 2014, Happy Batsgiving

Justice League #37, Feb 2015, Fabok Wonder Woman art