Detective Comics J H Williams Artwork

Artwork by J. H. Williams III from Detective Comics #857

November 2009 cover date

Williams' has an arsenal of embellishing styles and even a pastiche style (using Winsor McCay Little Nemo methods) which is all contained within a classic poster design mentality. It gets rough following the story, but the graphics are so bold and imaginative I can tend to put up with any flaws (the worst being a sometimes photographic-realist stiffness that crops up). Rucka's story about Batwoman, her father and the villainess Alice (shades of Alice in Wonderland) has some hallucegenic properties to it, as reaility isn't necessarily "reality."

The J. H. WIlliams III Blog site is here.

J. H. Williams III

J. H. Williams

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Detective Comics #857

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Detective Comics #858

Detective Comics #858, Dec 2009, Batwoman cover by J H Williams

J H Williams III Batwoman

Original Page Oct 28, 2009

Wonder Woman and Batman together

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