Artwork: Doug Mahnke Frankenstein from Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein

"You set the whole school on fire?"

DC Comics 2005-2006

Doug Mahnke Frankenstein

Doug Mahnke

Doug Mahnke

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

Justice League #29, May 2014, Doug Mahnke Cover art

Justice League #29, May 2014, Doug Mahnke Splash Page

Justice League #29, May 2014, Crime Syndicate: Superwoman and Ultraman

Justice League #29, May 2014, Doug Mahnke - The Metal Men

Justice League #29, May 2014, Doug Mahnke Page



Bride of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein - 2015 movie

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Ponticelli Cover Art

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Frankenstein 'definitely alive'

Frankenstein #14, Jan 2013, Frankenstein on Horseback

Men of War #0, Nov 2012, Ponticelli Frankenstein Page

Bride of Frankenstein Lab Scene Universal Pictures 1935, Directed by James Whale

Seven Soldiers of Victory, Frankenstein by Doug Mahnke

Seven Soldiers of Victory Frankenstein

Tom Derenick Frankenstein from Men of War, #8, 2012

Frankenstein #15, Sep-Oct 1948, Dick Briefer

Frankenstein #16, Nov-Dec 1948, Dick Briefer cover and art