"Batgirl's Last Case" Don Heck Artwork 1972

Detective Comics #424, June 1972, DC Comics

Years ago Don Heck was used as a prime example of the 'sloppy' superhero artist who couldn't give the fans what they wanted. What was most popular in those days was primarily Neal Adams (or one of his imitators or stylists who worked with his tight pen stroke embellishing style).

Hecks reputation, which was always good with other artists (for example with Frank Robbins and Alex Toth), has risen over the years with comic book aficionados because of the growing appreciation for his rich, deep blacking and his expert story-telling skills. I suspect that many things that were taken for granted in a 'bronze-age' comic have become a somewhat rarer commodity in modern mainstream superhero comics, and Hecks professional workmanship stands out for this all the more.

Batgirls Last Case page by Don Heck

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Detective Comics #424, DC Comics June 1972 cover date, .25 cent cover price.