Dark Knight Chocolate Assortment

Batman Chocolate : Reese's Dark Knight Milk and Dark Chocolate

Kit Kat Bars, Milk Chocolate and "Peanut Butter Bat," special edition Reese's Dark Chocolate Reese's Pieces, specially designed bar "Find the Bat-Signal and win instantly!"

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Batman the Marketing machine

You can wear it, eat it or play with it. Click images to enlarge.

Batman Cheerios
Cheerios of the Dark Knight Batman

Batman Cupcakes
Cupcakes of Batman

Batman Chocolate Bars
Kit Kat Batman

Batman Reeses
Batman Reeses

Batman Batmobile Racer
Batmobile Racer

Dark Knight Batman Grocery Store Display

Batman the Dark Knight Stuff

Ink drawing of patrons in line to see The Dark Knight, July 20, 208

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Dark Knight Rises Promo Images

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Dark Knight Rises - the legend ends

Dark Knight Rises Lipstick Poster

Dark Knight Rises IMAX Bane Poster

Dark Knight Rises Empire Magazine Covers

Dark Knight Rises Bane Poster

Entertainment Weekly Batman Dark Knight Covers

Catwoman Anne Hathaway Biker Pix

Tom Hardy Bane

Christian Bale Batman

Catwoman Hathaway

Batman Christian Bale

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

Batman punches Bane - Tom Hardy