Original George Barris Batmobile Dark Knight Tumbler - Batmobile

Animated Series Batmobile Batmobile Adam West VersionClassic BatmobileAlaska Batmobile

[Above] Batmobile parked near Denali National Park, Alaska

Batmobiles of Past and Present

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Batmobile Christian Bale The "Tumbler" from the Chris Nolan and Christian Bale Batman movies

Bat mobile Adam West TV

The Adam West Batmobile from the 1960s television show

Tim Burton Batmobile - First Batman 1989 - Michael Keaton The Batmobile from the Tim Burton directed Batman movie from 1989

[Below] A unique approach to building a DIY Batmobile, see this image below of a stock Corvette turned into an approximation of the Keaton / Tim Burton Batmobile, from the HACKNMOD WEBSITE

Batmobile from Corvette

Classic Batman Comic Book Panel Art

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George Barris - creator of original Batmobile, has died

George Barris

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