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Jack Kirby combined his own ideas about a dystopian future with an exploitation effort derived from the popular Planet of the Apes movies, and created Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

His name is derived from the hidden military installation ("Command-D") where the boy was raised by an elderly grandfather killed by a roving animal pack searching for loot. Made homeless and full of questions about the strange world he is now a part of, Kamandi roams Kirby's land of talking animals and their constant state of internecine warfare.

Kamandi 2016

Kamandi Challenge 2016

Sook art - Kamandi 2009

Sook artwork - kamandi

Kamandi story art by Sook from Wednesday Comics #9, Sept 2, 2009. View page enlarged.


Kamandi issue 20 - Computers and Men

Kamandi #20, Aug 1974

Jack Kirby took the fear in 20th century visions of technology and worked out the answer to machines who no longer serve humans - - they just keep on going, like robotic clocks.

Jack Kirby's "Murdering Misfit" Splash Page 1973

Kamandi Page from issue 9 by Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby splash page from Kamandi #9, Sept 1973. See enlarged.

Brave and the Bold #120, 1976

Brave and the Bold #120 Jim Aparo cover artBrave and the Bold #120 Jim Aparo splash page

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Kamandi and the Red Baron

Kamandi 22 Cover by Kirby

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #22, October 1974

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Jack Kirby cover to Kamandi #9

Jack Kirby Kamandi issue 9

Kirby (in issue 9 of Kamandi) explored the rituals of the landing of astronauts "Splash Down".


Kamandi #20, DC Comics cover dated August 1974

Read about this issue of Kamandi here.

Jack Kirby "The Murdering Misfit"

THe Murdering Misfit by Jack Kirby

From Kamandi #9, Sept 1973. See the entire page.

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