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Jonah Hex

Created by John Albano and Tony DeZuniga and appeared for the first time in All-Star Western #10 in February–March 1972. Revived many times by DC Comics, once as an intergalactic outer space bounty hunter, but most usually Hex is brought back and returned to his roots: alienated refugee from the American Civil War roaming the interminable 1970's West, following a code of justice that cuts across that of the bandits he fights and the settlers who need his help but don't understand him.

Moritat Cover

All Star Western 34 Jonah Hex - Darwyn Cooke artwork

End of the trail - Last Issue - #34

All Star Western #33

All Star Western #34 - Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex's interlude in the future (21st century America) concluded a couple of issues ago and writers Palmiotti and Justin Gray have him back in the perennial 1870s wild west, blasting away. The vacation in the future was an interesting Hex adventure with a nice dose of satire, but without the huge contrast provided by Jonah in the future, there's a grim sameness to the new stories. Hex has also lost his trademark scars, and his curmudgeonly attitude seems muted.

Jonah Hex #34 Page - All Star Western

Jonah Hex Cover issue 1 - Quitely art

Frank Quitely Hex Art

Jonah Hex - Moritat art

Jonah Hex were you breastfed - issue 22

Jonah Hex wallups psychiatrist

Jonah Hex All Star Western #22. Moritat art.

Jonah Hex #56

Jonah Hex #56 Cover

Jonah Hex #56, Tony DeZuniga art

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Jonah Hex 1 - 1985 Texeira Cover Art

Cover art by Mark Texeira

Jonah Hex #56 Tony DeZuniga

Jonah Hex #13

January 2013 Jonah Hex - All Star Western

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex #10

Jonah Hex 10

Cover art by Gray Morrow

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