Jess Jodloman Kull and the Barbarians

Jess Jodloman

Comic Book Artist for DC Comics and Marvel

Jodloman produced comic book art from 1968 to at least 1989 for DC Comics and Marvel. His career began in 1954 with various Filipino comic titles, and he was instrumental in helping Alex Nino get into comic books. Jodloman was born Feb 25, 1926.

Jodloman appeared at the Philippines Annual Metro Con in 2010. Comics Journal has some pictures from the event which has a photo of Jodloman's art exhibit table.

Jess Jodloman

[Above: Jess Jodloman Artwork, House of Mystery #234, See the whole page.]

Jess Jodloman

Jess Jodloman

Weird Mystery Tales #10

Jodloman 1

Jodloman 2

Jodloman 3

Cover Dominguez

House of Mystery #234 - Pages by Jess Jodloman

House of Mystery Cover #234 1975 DC Comics

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

House of Mystery 1975 Jodloman Artwork

Weird Mystery Tales issue #10, 1974 DC Comics

Jodloman Captain Hatch

House of Secrets: Jess Jodloman The Sunken Treasure of Captain Hatch


1972 Rubeny Page from House of Secrets, DC Comics

Alex Nino page from Weird War Tales, 1972, DC Comics

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More Jess Jodloman - Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch, 1974


Jess Jodloman art - Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch

House of Secrets #108

Jess Jodloman Artwork - House of Secrets Splash Page

House of Secrets #108, June 1973

Jess Jodloman art

Kull and the Barbarians #2 - Jodloman artwork

Kull and the Barbarians #2, 1975

See page enlarged 1400 pixels

Jess Jodloman 1975

Jess Jodloman Panel

Panel from House of Mystery #234, 1975 DC Comics. See entire page.

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