Black Rose by Jeff Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

January 10, 1944 – May 19, 2011

Jeff Jones Artwork Jeffrey Durwood Jones, aka, later Jeffrey Catherine Jones, was an Illustration artist, comic book artist and writer, and oil painter (once called by Frank Frazetta "The greatest living painter") has died at the age of 67. Was a member of the 1970s "The Studio" with other comic book artists M. W. Kaluta, Bernie Wrightson, and Barry Windsor-Smith. Was the author of long-running single page comic series "Idyl" and "I'm Age."

In Jones' autobiography (online at the web site Jones' updated over many years, probably from at least 1999 onward), she describes the trauma he experienced from his father:

"When first I saw my father I must have been about three. Back from Germany, he telephoned, and expectantly my mother and I awaited his appearance. When he knocked on the door there was a rush of big and little feet. My mother opened the door to the man she loved and said, "Jeffrey, this is your dad." I was speechless, for he just stood there on the porch, moving not an inch -- huge, about ten feet tall, perfectly straight, in full pressed uniform with bars and medals dripping from his chest. I don't remember what was said. I didn't know who this man was, but I did know right then and there that I would be always defenseless against him.

My life describes the stories of boys and men for thousands of years: boys who were beaten by their fathers, boys whose capacity for love and trust was crippled almost at birth. Men, whose best hope for contact with other human beings lay in detachment, as if life were over. It's how we keep, in turn, from destroying our own children and terrorizing the women who have the misfortune to love us"

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Wonder Woman #199, Mar-April 1972, Jeff Jones Dr Freud Cover

Jeff Jones "White Bird" 1976, painting

Guardian of Dragons - Jeffrey Jones 2002

Jeffrey Jones Conan book cover, 1972

"Spirit of '76" Jeffrey Jones, 1973

Crocodile Panel from Idyll - Jeff Jones

Wonder Woman 199

Jeff Jones cover which is part Dr. Freud (and part William Moulton Marston). See enlarged.

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White Bird by Jeff Jones

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