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Jason Todd - dead for years

Jason Todd

Once a Robin

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Batmobile getting stripped by Jason Todd

Chris Warner Batman and ther Batmobile

First appearance of Jason Todd. Art by Ed Hannigan and interior pages by Chris Warner (of Dark Horse fame).

Jason Todd Speaks

Jason Tood Speaks

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Jason Todd to appear in the Affleck Batman Solo Film

May 26, 2016: Warners had confirmed that the "dead Robin" outfit that appeared briefly in Batman V Superman was a hint that Jason Todd is due to appear in the Ben Affleck Batman solo film.

Batman Rumour Mill

Nov 2015: From Inquisitr

"The latest rumor to emerge about a possible solo Batman film is that it will be heavily influenced and adapted from two specific comics. According to JoBlo, the potential solo film will be specifically draw from A Death In The Family and Under The Hood.

This means that the character of Jason Todd will feature prominently, while, if the film follows the comics, then the Joker will also be involved. And since the Joker is being portrayed by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad it could lead the Oscar-winning actor to be paired opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman in a feature-length film very soon."

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