Wonder Woman 34 Cover Irwin Hasen 1949

Irwin Hasen

July 8, 1918 – March 13, 2015

Classic New York CIty Comic Book artist on Green Hornet, The Flash, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Johnny Thunder and others.

Hot Rods of Wonder Woman - Issue #56, 1952

Wonder Woman #56, Irwin Hasen Hot Rod Cover

Behind the speeding Hot Rods was a mystery the Mighty Amazon could only solve by challenging the menace on Homicide Highway!

Wonder Woman #56, 1952, artwork by Irwin Hasen and Bernard Sachs (inks). During the late 1940s and early 1950s, car racing had increased substantially in popularity, full with full size automobiles and "Midget Racing".

See the Wonder Woman 611 artwork enlarged.

Irwin Hasen cover March 1952, Wonder Woman #52

Irwin Hasen Wonder Woman 1952

Cover artwork by Irwin Hasen. More Wonder Woman.

Irwin Hasen art - Green Lantern & Harlequinn

Green Lantern 26

Green Lantern 29

Wonder Woman #107

Wonder Woman #107 art by Irwin Hasen

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