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Iron Man

Iron Man Suitsaka Ol'Shellhead

Stan Lee was Marvel Comics head-editor in 1963 and designed Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, to be a businessman/superhero that embodied the negative stereotypes of that era in regards to 'capitalists,' and then set out to turn the idea on its head. From this start, Iron Man was further developed by writer Larry Lieber, and the visuals were originated by Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

The first appearance of the Iron Man character was in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963).

Although there have been a number of Marvel superhero films (but generally not controlled by Marvel) predating the 2008 Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr., this was the film that kicked off the onslaught of superhero films, and especially the Marvel-style superhero film. Downey's performance and the direction by Jon Favreau opened up a new style that depended more on the classic Marvel Comics attitude (and expanded on this in a way that the Sony Pictures Spider-Man movies had not completely exploited) while still playing out the traditional superhero story.

Tales of Suspence 39 original first appearance of Iron Man

First appearance of Iron Man from 1963. See the Kirby/Don Heck cover enlarged.

Riri Williams

Riri Williams

Tales of Suspense #39,1963

Original Iron Man Grey

Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963, Art by Don Heck and Stan Goldberg

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Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man face plateiron man lighted eyes

Invincible Iron Man 1

Invincible Iron Man

Aug 2016: Calling the new female replacement of Tony Stark "Iron Maiden 'looked like a legal nightmore' says Marvel. So she'll be going by the name "Iron Heart."

Tales of Suspense #45

1963 Iron man - Tales of Suspense 45

sdfgh, Sept 1963, Art by Don Heck


Iron Man
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Iron Man 2 - with Whiplash and Black Widow

Iron Man 3 - Directed by Shane Black

Iron Man 4 - speculated fourth sequel

Iron Man Suit

History of the Iron Man Armored Suits

Iron Man Comics

Iron Man - Ol' Shellhead Marvel Comics Hero

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