Conan the Barbarian Page issue 17 - Gil Kane

Gil Kane

Famed superhero artist who began in the 1940s with a career that lasted until his death.

Gil Kane - Marvel Team-Up #41

Marvel Team-Up Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man

Gil Kane cover art (Dan Adkins inks) - Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man, Jan 1976

More Scarlet Witch

The Invaders #17 - Gil Kane art

The Invaders

Gil Kane art, June 1975

Gil Kane Art - Avengers 136

The Avengers #136, Aug 1975, Gil Kane cover art (with John Romita inserts - the 3 heads under the logo).

Power Ring Trouble

Green Lantern 67 - Gil kane Art

Green Lantern #67, Gil Kane Cover. See enlarged.

Batgirl breaks up the Dynamic Duo!

November 1967, DC Comics

Detective Comics 1967 issue 369 Batgirl Cover

Art by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson - See cover art enlarged

Gil Kane 1972

Gil Kane - Morbius cover Marvel Teamup with Spiderman

Marvel Team-Up #3 - Spiderman, Human Torch and Morbius the Living Vampire. Gil Kane cover with Vince Colletta inks. July 1972. Original Page Sept 2014

Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern 61 - Gil Kane

Gil Kane Green Lantern #61 cover art. See enlarged.

1970 Gil Kane art for Batgirl

"Midnight Doom-Boy"

Gil Kane 1970 Batgirl

See the splash page enlarged. Below, another page from the 1970 Batgirl tale, art by Gil kane and Frank Giacola

Gil Kane Batgirl

Amazing Spider-Man #150 - Gil Kane ( Frank Giacoia, inks)

Amazing Spider-Man issue 150

The Amazing Spider-Man #150, November 1975, cover by Gil Kane (and Frank Giacoia, inks)

Conan the Barbarian 17 SPlash Page - Gil Kane art
Original Page Nov 2015