Manapul art - Wonder Woman

Francis Manapul

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Superman - Wonder Woman 16

Francis Manapul Wonder Woman SUperman 16 Cover 2015

Cover by Francis Manapul - Harley Quinn Variant Cover

Superman Unchained 5

Francis Manapul - Superman Unchained 5 - variant

Variant cover art by Francis Manapul

Francis Manapul Flash Season Zero #1 Variant

Flash Season Zero Francis Manapul

Golden Glider and Flash -Francis Manapul art

Flash #12 - Francis Manapul art

Manapul-art-batman-surroundedBatman on the Rooftops - art by Francis Manapul - Detective Comics 32

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Detective Comics #34

Batman Detective Comics #34 Spread

Francis Manapul artwork, Detective Comics #34. Confusingly, in some panels Batman is the same size as the criminals he fights, but in others (like the final panel on the spread) he is substantially larger. Is he getting larger or are the criminals shrinking?

Cover Detective Comics #34

Flash by Frances Manapul

The FLash

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I thought Bats could see in the Dark

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 1

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 2

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 3

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 4

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 5

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 6

Sumo vs Batman - Detective 31 7

Detective Comics #31, art and story by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

Detective Comics 31 - Cover

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