Fantastic Four - Jack Kirby Artwork Cover Issue 1 1961

Fantastic Four #1, Jack Kirby Cover

November 1961, Marvel Comics

"I can't turn invisible fast enough!"

In the Marvel Comics histories, when it comes to Fantastic Four #1, there's no confusion (like over Spider-Man) about the creative work: Jack Kirby and Stan Lee put it together. It was a combination of the popular monster comics Marvel was publishing then, plus a stab at the resurging superhero concept into popularity.

Released to the stands on August 8, 1961, the reaction was strong and bigger than what anyone expected, and the success cleared the way for The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man which soon followed, hoping to catch the same kind of sales that Fantastic Four began producing.

"Bah! I cannot delay. I'll make an opening!"

"Why must they build doorways so narrow?"

Fantastic Four 1 from 1961 original

Holy smoke... a monster!

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