Dick Briefer art - Frankenstein 19Rex Dexter of Mars 1940 - Dick Briefer ArtworkDick Briefer - Frankenstein

Dick Briefer

Richard "Dick" Briefer - Born January 9, 1915. Died December 1980. He worked throughout the golden age of comics and is particularly known for his work on both the humorous and "horror" versions of the long running Frankenstein monster comics for Crestwood Publishing.


Dick Briefer Frankenstein

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Dick Briefer Frankenstein
Frankenstein Issue 15 1948 - Dick Briefer Artwork

Dick Briefer art 1948

Dick Briefer art  - Frankenstein 15 Splash Page Hi Yo

Frankenstein #15, Sep-Oct 1948, Prize Comics Group (Crestwood)

Cover art Frankenstein 16
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