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BATMEN with Guns

Ed Benes / Tony Daniel art - Detective Comics #10

Detective Comics #10, Aug 2012 Issue: Corporate villain Hugh Marder, aka "Mr. Toxic" unleashes a trio of Batsuit-clad suicide bombers to rob a badly protected armored car (labeled "Gotham City Trust") in the middle of Batman's city.

After the criminals execute a military-style assault on the armored vehicle, they make off with the loot, which we do not get to see for several pages. (Looks like just cardboard boxes in the back of the armored car. Eventually, we learn the three Batcrooks stole a briefcase. We never actually see this in their hands during the several pages of running and fighting, but we discover what it was later when Mr. Toxic picks it up from the ground).

Bat-Suicide Bombers

In hot pursuit of the Batcrooks follows Batman, and as he catches up with the three fugitives one at a time, they pull rip-chords on their bat-suits and blow themselves up. Finally, after the third explosion, we see Mr. Toxic lifting up the briefcase, and intoning "well done, men" though they're not able to hear this as they've been blown to pieces.

Page by Tony Daniel

Mr ToxicTony Daniel wrote the story (and drew the cover art), which starts off heavy on Batman-Family style soap opera as Bruce Wayne and local Gotham reporter Charlotte Rivers apparently sever their relationship (she's moving to Paris "to think things over" after suffering wounds which have left her scarred like "the Bride of Frankenstein" or so she claims, wounds we don't actually see. She was attacked in issue #6 of Detective Comics by villain Snakeskin who stabbed her several times.)

She cries a bit on Bruce Wayne's shoulder, but we can read "boom" sound effects coming through the window, noises Charlotte Rivers doesn't notice at all, but Bruce certainly does (he narrows his eyes). Suddenly, a page later, Bruce Wayne is gone and Charlotte is looking out of her hospital window, her hands grasping air, wondering where he went. (Did Bruce Wayne jump out of the window in suit and tie? And how is it Charlotte didn't notice his absence until he had completely vanished?)

Detective Comics art by Tony Daniel

Summary Review: Visual storytelling lacks information in key panels to allow the reader to clearly follow the tale written by Tony Daniel.

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