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Damian Wayne

The Batson

Created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, this son of Batman is from the current continuity and excludes the various other "sons of Batman" that populated 1950s and 1960s issues of World's Finest, among others.

Damian Wayne is a lethal youngster with advanced martial arts and weapons training, a result of his mother (Talia al Ghul) determination to combine her father's (Ra's al Ghul) madness for world domination with the skill of Bruce Wayne.

Damian Wayne

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Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne

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Kill Damian Wayne

Feb 25, 2013: Dead Robin Boy Damian WayneNew York Post 'exclusive' on latest victim of DC Comics' perennial hero-killing ways:

"Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman’s aide-de-camp, will be killed battling a brutal enemy in a comic book published Wednesday.

The shocking demise of the Dark Knight’s sidekick will first appear in issue No. 8 of the offshoot title “Batman Incorporated,” but the aftermath of his death will ripple throughout the DC Comics universe, the publisher confirmed exclusively to The Post.

Damian Wayne — the son of Bruce Wayne and the latest hero to assume the mantle of Robin — has a heart-to-heart with fellow superhero Nightwing before his final, and ultimately fatal, battle in the pages of “Batman Incorporated” No. 8, out Wednesday.

“He saves the world. He does his job as Robin,” writer Grant Morrison said. “He dies an absolute hero.”

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