Action Comics 311 art by Curt Swan Worlds Finest 90 - cover Batwoman by Curt Swan

Curt Swan

The long-careered DC veteran who worked most famously on Superman. Swan's "look" for Superman was the de facto official version for the DC Comics hero for nearly three decades. Swan enjoyed a highly-respected reputation in the comic book business as a professional who consistently met deadlines and worked with a high standard.

Born Douglas Curtis "Curt" Swan - February 17, 1920 – June 17, 1996

Superman Family #182

Curt Swan - Superman Family

Art by Curt Swan

Curt Swan cover art - Lois Lane 26

Curt Swan Lois Lane Cover 26

More Lois Lane

Curt Swan art (with Phil Zupa) - Superman and Batgirl

Superman #279, September 1974 issue

Superman Page from issue #279

Page art by Curt Swan and Phil Zupa

Superman's Last Day of Life!

Last Days of Superman Page 1

Curt Swan art, originally printed in Superman #156. See enlarged.

Supergirl, Adventure Comics 388

Supergirl Adventure Comics

"The Romance Machine"

Cover art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, January 1970

Action Comics Cover (reprint, 1972)

Action Comics 324

Reprint (from 1972) of Curt Swan Supergirl cover art from Action Comics #324. See enlarged.

Lyla Lerrol of Krypton and Superman

Last Days of SUperman

Page from "The Last Days of Superman" by Edmund Hamilton and Curt Swan, 1962.

See page enlarged.

World's Finest Comics #74

Batman and Superman - the contest of heroes

World's Finest Comics #74, Jan-Feb 1955

Pencils art by Curt Swan - Inks by Stan Kaye

Superboy #123 - Curt Swan

Superboy 123 Sept 1965 - Curt Swan cover

Curt Swan art, Superboy #123, Sept 1965. See the cover art enlarged.

Action Comics 255, 1959

Action Comics 255

Action Comics #255, cover art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye.

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Kings of the Underworld, 1967

Worlds Finest 165 - Batman and SUperman Kings of the Underworld

Curt Swan cover art, World's Finest #165, March 1967.

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Action Comics #360

Supergirl 360 Action Comics - Cover by Curt Swan

Cover by Curt Swan - inks by George Klein

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No! No! I'm Innocent! Lois Lane #100

Lois Lane #100

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #100, April 1970

Cover art by Curt Swan (inks by Murphy Anderson)

Lois Lane #23, Feb 1961

Lois Lane 23 Feb 1961

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #23, Feb 1961, Cover art by Curt Swan. Inks by Stan Kaye

Curt Swan cover art 1962

Superboy 98 Curt Swan Cover art

Superboy #98, July 1962. Cover art by Curt Swan

Curt Swan, 1957

Adventure Comics Superboy #239 Curt Swan

Curt Swan Supergirl - 1962

Supergirl 1962 Curt Swan

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