Christmas Fantastic Four by Whilce Portacio

Christmas Comic Bookery

'Tis the season of 4-color merriment

Supergirl Batgirl Christmas

Batgirl and Supergirl Christmas - Art by battle810

Art by battle810 - Online web page

Charles Addams

Batman survival

Batman survival Christmas Eve onemore time

A Batman and Robin Christmas Adventure

1948 Win Mortimer Cover

Batman #45 - Christmas Cover

See this "Batman and Robin Christmas Adventure" cover enlarged.

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Wonder Woman - alias Miss Santa Clause

1945 H. G. Peter art Cover

Sensation Comics 38 Wonder Woman Santa Clause

See cover enlarged.

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Spider-Man Christmas

Spider-Man Christmas

Batgirl Christmas

Bruce Timm art - Batgirl - Batman Adventures Holiday Special 1

Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1

Gotham Police send Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock undercover at a Gotham department store, trying to find a shoplifter who has been robbing the store blind during the holiday season. In disguise as St. Nicholas, Bullock is a terrible Santa, uninterested in the task and literally nodding off while listening to children rattle off their wish lists.

Paul Dini's humor and skill at building a compact 12 page Christmas tale is the star here, along with Bruce Timm's fluid brushwork.

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Batgirl fights Clayface

Sensation Comics #38

Wonder Woman Santa Clause

Marvel Holiday Grab Bag 1976

Marvel Holiday Grab Bag 1976 Marvel

Superman and Santa Clause - 1940

Supermans Christmas Adventure

Batman Adventure Holiday Special 1995

Batman Christmas

Art by Glenn Murakami

Superman - Light up the tree

Light up the Tree Uperman

From the Neal Adams Tumblr Page

Hit-and-run in Gotham City

Hit and Run

Detective Comics #826, March 2007

Paul Dini's script has Joker behind the wheel of a SUV, running down pedestrians on the snowy streets of Gotham on Christmas Eve, with a kidnapped Robin alongside to observe. The running dialogue (all rather one-sided since Robin is gagged with a Christmas decoration) has Joker proving his homicidal-maniac bonefides with casual hit-and-runs and a murderous trip through a fast food drive-through.

This Joker is the 'Killer Clown' of Batman's many decades, but letting the character dominate the tale while going about murdering people with no particular grand plan beyond the immediate gratification of torturing Robin (who can do nothing) is unique. Nearly the whole tale is told from within the interior of the SUV as Joker monolgues his way through the murders and Robin desperately struggles to break free.

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Archie Christmas

Archie Christmas

Hawkeye Christmas

Hawkeye Christmas

Santa Clause Conquers The Martians

Dell Comics Santa Clause conquers the Martians

The Martians invade earth and kidnap Santa Clause for Christmas!

Archie 2014 Christmas Digest

Archie Christmas Collection Cover

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DC Holiday Special

Cover DC Holiday Special 2016

Season's Greetings

Superman and Batman - Seasons Greetings

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