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Original Bulletman

Raboy Art - Bulletman number 2 woith Bulletgirl

Bulletman #2, Fall 1941.Cover by Mac Raboy

"The first issue of Bulletman appeared in 1941... with its logo printed in silvery metallic ink, a beautiful Raboy cover and excellent interior artwork, that first issue is now a rarely seen, mouthwatering collectors item.

In 1941, its 68 pages cost exactly one thin dime, and you could have as many copies as you could lug home...

Like most superheroes of the day, Bulletman fought a large array of unusual criminals. In Bulletman #1, for example, the crimebuster battled a costumed crook named the Black Spider, a monkey-faced villain known as Dr. Mood, and a nameless but terrifying giant who was over 20 feet high. Aso, in one later story foreshadowing the Justice Society stories in All-Star Comics, he and Bulletgirl fought three of their old enemies who had combined into a "Revenge Syndicate." They were the Weeper, who always cried before killing his victims; The Black Rat, a superstrong guy who in costume looked like a rodent; and the Murder Prophet, who foretold evil and then made his prophecies come true."
– Roy Thomas from All in Color for a Dime, Ace Books, 1970

Bulletman 2005

I did Something Wrong Bulleteer

Art by Yanick Paquette

Grant Morrison authored a 4-issue update of the classic 1940 Fawcett characters Bulletman and Bulletgirl in 2005-2006 as part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory inter-locking multi-series.

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Paquette Bulleteer issue 1 cover

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