House of Secrets 1957 Issue 5 - Bob Brown Cover

Bob Brown

Aug 22, 1915 - Jan 29, 1977

William Robert ("Bob") Brown had a long career in comic books stretching from the 1940s into the 1970s. He mainly appeared in comics for DC, but also had a long run drawing Daredevil for Marvel Comics. Bob Brown co-created the female character Talia al Ghul, which has appeared frequently not only in the Batman comic books, but figured in the billion dollar film The Dark Knight Rises.

Brown died from leukemia in 1977, shortly after beginning a new run on Wonder Woman for DC Comics. He only completed one issue (Wonder Woman #231).

Bob Brown, 1973/1964, Doom Patrol #122

Bob Brown Doom Patrol 122

This Bob Brown art is reprinted from his 1964 cover for Doom Patrol #89. See cover enlarged.

House of Secrets #5, July-Aug 1957, Art by Bob Brown

Batman, Wonder Woman & Batgirl vs. Copperhead - 1968

Brave and the Bold 78 Batman and Wonder Woman

Cover art by Bob Brown. See the cover art enlarged.

House of Mystery - Dragon of Times Square

House of Mystery 74 - Bob Brown Cover

House of Mystery #74 - Bob Brown Cover

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