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Batman Number 1 1940 - against Hugo StrangeBatman Number 1 1940

Batman #1, Spring 1940

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"Batman 75: Len Wein says Bruce Wayne isn’t psychotic — he’s neurotic"

Article at herocomplex

"The accomplished longtime comic book writer and editor, co-creator of such popular characters as Wolverine and Swamp Thing, argues that Bruce Wayne is neurotic, not psychotic. It’s an idea he explored in his time writing “Batman” in the late 1970s and early 1980s — when he also had the billionaire dating Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

...Len Wein: Apparently everybody on Earth is either a Superman fan or a Batman fan. I was the latter. I always said when I was younger it was because I didn’t have a chance of being born on a foreign planet and rocketed to Earth as an infant. But they could knock off my folks any day … and that was really it. Anybody can be Batman. You can’t really be most of the other characters."

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Batman Adventures #28

Batman Adventures #28, January 1995 - cover art by Mike Parobeck and Rick Burchett

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Manga Batman 1966 - Lord Death Man - By Jiro Kuwata


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Original Run

Batman Number 1, Spring 1940, Cover art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson

Batman #45, Feb-March 1948, Win Mortimer Batman and Robin Christmas cover

Batman #139, April 1961, Original intro of Batgirl

Batman #141, Aug 1961, Batwoman cover by Sheldon Moldoff

Batman #181, June 1966, Cover by Carmine Infantino

Batman #183, Aug 1966, Carmine Infantino cover

Batman #210, March 1969, Neal Adams Catwoman cover

Batman #256, May-June 1974, Catwoman rescues circus tiger

Batman #256, May-June 1974, Irv Novick Catwoman & her whip

Batman #256, May-June 1974, Irv Novick Catwoman

Batman #256, May 1974, Reprint of 1950 1,001 Trophies of Batman

Batman #269, Nov 1975, Cover art by Ernie Chua

Batman #253, Nov 1975, Mike Kaluta Shadow / Batman cover

Batman #291, Sep 1977, cover by Jim Aparo

Batman #408, June 1987, Jason Todd stripping the Batmobile

Batman #536, Nov 1996, Kelley Jones Cover

Batman #536, Nov 1996, Kelley Jones Splash Page

Batman #536, Nov 1996, Kelley Jones Page

Batman #666, Nov 2007, Damain Wayne Cover, Andy Kubert art

Batman #681, Dec 2008, Bruce Wayne with Flash-like speed

Batman #700, Aug 2010, Andy Kubert Two Face page

Batman #707, April 2011, 2-page Tony Daniel Spread

Batman #713 - page from last issue of the original run

Batman 80 Page Giant 2010 - Dustin Nguyen Cover

New 52 Run

Batman #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page A

Batman #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page B

Batman #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page C

Batman #2, Dec 2011, Capullo Cover

Batman #3, Jan 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman #6, April 2012, Capullo Page

Batman #8, June 2012, Jason Fabok - Variant cover

Batman #11, Sept 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman #11, Sept 2012, Capullo Page

Batman #12, Oct 2012, Becky Cloonan Art

Batman #12, Oct 2012, Becky Cloonan Art

Batman #13 "Joker" die-cut cover - Greg Capullo

Batman #14, Jan 2013, Capullo Cover

Batman #14, Jan 2013, Harley & Batman - Greg Capullo

Batman #14, Jan 2013, Joker on bridge "Hello Darling" - Greg Capullo

Batman #15, Feb 2013, Capullo Joker & Batman Page

Batman #18, May 2013, Andy Kubert 2-page spread with Harper Row

Batman #18, May 2013, Blackgate Penitentiary by Andy Kubert

Batman #24, Dec 2013, Capullo does Bob Kane Batman

Batman #26, Feb 2014, Capullo death fingers cover

Batman #29, May 2014, Capullo bones cover

Batman #29, May 2014, Capullo Dr. Death page

Batman #31, July 2014, Brooding over Gotham, cover by Capullo

Batman #31, July 2014, the Bat-Cycle in action

Batman #31, July 2014, Fighting Lions - Capullo art

Batman #34, Oct 2014, Matteo Scalera art

Batman #35, Dec 2014, Capullo art - End Game

Batman #38, March 2015, Greg Capullo, Sam Kieth backup

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